How do you become inspired and motivated to approach your life and career with the utmost purpose, productive action, passion, and positivity? The defining characteristics of the most successful, fulfilled, and joyous individuals — including top-flight executives, entrepreneurs, and championship team players — are about far more than the leadership style they’ve adopted or the persona they’ve assumed in order to assimilate more effectively into a particular organization and its culture. The actual qualities that make someone truly extraordinary are far more intrinsic to who they are as individuals and encompass myriad thoughtful, ingrained approaches to their life and career.  

Many of the principles and precepts that create extraordinary personal lives should also permeate one’s professional approach if you are to live authentically and purposefully. The “best of the best” executive talent understands and integrates both personal and professional success principles, and they know how to assimilate and interchange these approaches throughout their lives in a way that unlocks and stimulates creativity, leverages passion, fulfills purpose, elicits development, and brings meaning. They do not reserve their deepest, most profound and strategic thinking only for work because those who live the most fulfilling lives don’t garner their joy merely from work – they thrive upon the totality of well-rounded lives and reap significant pleasure from both the professional and personal aspects of their lives.

How have they done this? Very simply, individuals who are extremely satisfied with their career progress, who are surrounded by family and other healthy relationships that bring forth their life’s greatest joy, and who live their lives with resounding positivity and meaning, typically took the time very early on to discover their life’s passions, purpose, and priorities. And since that time, they have kept these priorities defined, focused, and squarely in front them, providing guidance and clarity as they moved along their life path. They put the pieces of their life together so that their thoughts, actions, talents, relationships — even expressions of gratitude — remained centered around their deepest authenticity — who they are and what they are all about, whether they are on or off the “stage.”

50 Traits of Positive, Exceptional Leaders:

  1. They understand the immense, overarching importance and necessity of figuring out their life’s purpose. They have carved out time for this significant contemplation, and consider the understanding of what they are on Earth to do and accomplish to be the most useful discovery of their life. They are committed to the expression of their purpose, believing that the purpose of their life is, in fact, to apply their purpose every single day. Not surprisingly, the people who make life’s most significant discoveries and contributions are those who have embraced their unique gifts and have confidently, creatively expressed their purposeful authenticity in an imitable way. A life of greatness is a life of purpose. You are sure to wander aimlessly and build a life around the wrong targets (leading to inevitable feelings of emptiness, angst, and wanting down the road) if you don’t get very clear about your purpose.
  2. They are able to articulate with extraordinary vision and specificity what success means for them – how it feels and what it looks like in their life. They know where they want to have an impact, and they thrive on these feelings of accomplishment. They understand the types of experiences that will allow them to grow and experience meaning. Feelings of personal and professional “success” and fulfillment are important because they lay the foundation for creating true vocational fulfillment.
  3. They can readily separate the wheat from the chaff and get to the heart of the matter to focus on what’s important. They also know how to apply themselves to the most high-impact activities when they find themselves with prime work time. The sense of accomplishment they feel from these core work times fuels further action and keeps progress and momentum moving forward. When focusing on details, they don’t lose sight of the big picture.
  4. They have strong self-assessment skills and have unlocked and understand their intrinsic talents and gifts. Their time spent at work adds to their self-esteem because they are actively engaged in roles that leverage their strengths and interests and/or that allow them to develop. They have actively sought and utilized developmental feedback throughout their careers.
  5. They positively approach their thoughts in such a way that they intrinsically bring to bear their best self, making choices and decisions that help them remain in a purposeful, pure, dynamic, and positive flow.
  6. They don’t merely skim the surface of their lives. They dig in deep, and think profoundly and with the big picture in mind.
  7. They live and work deliberately and in the “here and now” moment. They maintain a “present” focus – not ignoring the past or future – but remaining engaged in the improvement of current actions and processes.
  8. They get extreme comfort and pleasure from their family and friends and understand that these individuals and healthy relationships are, in fact, the most important, enduring aspects of our lives and have so much to do with our life’s fullness and degree of happiness. (Just ask one terminated executive whether he made the right decision in neglecting his family/children for years for his job, and you’ll never have to wonder if it was the right thing to do again. If your family is, in fact, the most important aspect of your life, you will not allow them to be neglected. You will allocate time appropriately to both family and career.)
  9. They live principled lives of high moral character, integrity, and honesty. Their values permeate their personal and professional lives.
  10. They have a need to constantly self-actualize and achieve. While professionally they keenly watch the competition and are, indeed, competitive individuals always striving to win and be the best, personally they don’t continually waste time comparing themselves with others, as they tend to leverage their own strengths with the fullest force. They have discovered ways to feel acknowledged, needed, valued, positively challenged, responsible, significant, successful, appreciated, and encouraged at work which carries over to bring positivity to their personal lives. 
  11. They possess an abundance mindset and believe that their effort and expression of their purpose will be rewarded. They don’t believe that there is a limited supply of reward.
  12. They feel good about themselves, are unpretentious and do not live or work from a place of massive ego. Because they live from a core of pure purpose and passion, they have solid self-esteem and solid footing.
  13. They treat others with dignity and respect expecting to earn the reciprocation like everyone else – one step, one interaction, one day at a time. They are ever mindful of the best interest of others.
  14. They set priorities based on their purpose and their life’s overarching goals. They have sacred boundaries drawn around certain activities and people that they do not cross. Their priorities are very clear which prevents feelings of bitterness from developing when they do have to make a sacrifice. They have a balance in their life that allows them to enjoy and take pleasure in personal and recreational pursuits. They have an internal equation and compass for how to divide their time. They have not sacrificed their personal lives for their career. They listen to their internal voices when they get out of balance and need to redirect their time.
  15. They are flexible as needed because they have their eye on a larger prize than just the hour, day, or even the week. They know that the external world will always be fundamentally unpredictable, but their firm dose of purpose – internal certainty about what they want and who they are – allows them to make the occasional shift or sacrifice.
  16. They understand the significant role that serendipity can play in our lives, particularly, when we are in our flow or zone, and they follow their instincts and hunch as they see fit.  
  17. Money, prominence, and prestige are not their sole, or even primary, drivers. While they want financial stability and freedom, they clearly understand what brings them deep meaning and joy. They have not allowed their priorities to become completely skewed by building a life purely around financial success – this is one of the reasons that many wealthy executives eventually get to a place of inevitable unhappiness and not uncommonly want to make a late-career switch to a not-for-profit leadership role that might bring more meaning. Money and financial rewards serve as poor guiding lights with respect to our happiness and life satisfaction – and once you use them as your key goal, you find it harder to ever supplant them with more meaningful drivers. When your vocation is truly a part of bringing forth your most fulfilling life, it provides deep and lasting personal development, growth, service to others, contribution of your unique gifts, and achievement of meaningful benchmarks. It also brings appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgment from constituencies that matter to you — be it family, friends, a team, colleagues, or customers.
  18. They haven’t drawn a line or separation between who they really are – purpose, passions, spirit – and their vocation or career. They don’t feel as if they must abandon their true essence to go to work and get through the day. Rather they approach all aspects of their life with the fullness of their purposeful authenticity.  
  19. They do not allow fear to hold them back. They are bold and are not afraid to take a risk, seize the moment, be different, think different, or express their individuality. Because they possess the ability to think deeply and strategically, they are not reckless. Their risks are thoughtful and calculated. They know that very often moving through fear and anxiety is how greatness is born.
  20. They possess the ambition to realize their fullest potential.
  21. They find their jobs to be fun and exciting – they like what they do professionally and they want to do it. They literally will get up earlier than necessary in the morning because they are excited to start their day. An amazingly small number of people are truly jazzed and energized by their jobs.
  22. They believe that the future is big, compelling, and great. They live with hope, optimism, and positivity. Their optimism, when combined with purpose, brings them to their goals, heightens their confidence in their capabilities, and inspires additional goals that further build upon their success.
  23. They are resilient through change as they accept change as a part of life and welcome the lessons change brings as an integral aspect of their intended personal growth and development. They keep their eye on the prize/big picture. Life’s inevitable changes, challenges, and distractions are part of the cycle, and they don’t allow themselves to be sidetracked from taking purposeful action toward their goals. They don’t lose their hope and optimism.
  24. They feel that they are doing something for the greater good, beyond their professional demands.
  25. They feel immense gratitude for their good life. Nothing is taken for granted. They express their thanks and gratitude freely and frequently. They are grateful for all that they have and believe with no doubt, and with immense hope and optimism, that even better is on the horizon.
  26. They live without a victim mindset. They view themselves as capable, self-sufficient, and ready to lead.
  27. They take responsibility and don’t make excuses.
  28. They are hard workers who diligently and conscientiously apply themselves, personally and professionally. They never stop taking action to move forward. Even when they are tired, stressed, or anxious, they maintain a high level of effort and action. They are thorough, outstanding in their execution, detail-oriented, and the quality of their work is exceptional. They always go above and beyond.
  29. They want to leave a legacy that is significant and meaningful and that leaves the world a better place than they found it.
  30. They create and engage in traditions and celebrations, personally and professionally.
  31. They are life-long learners and are open to learning from anyone anytime. They admit when they don’t have the answers and proactively educate and inform themselves. They are always eagerly seeking further learning, development, and enlightenment. They never stop trying to move themselves to the next level. This approach to life keeps you moving forward; when aligned with purposeful action, you are an unstoppable force.
  32. They work to earn people’s trust knowing that trust-based relationships endure.
  33. They inspire confidence by not only knowing what to do, but through a willingness to jump in and take action themselves.
  34. They are strong mentors and get personal satisfaction from developing others, empowering them, and seeing them progress. They have also sought and utilized mentors and have surrounded themselves with an inspiring, supportive inner circle.
  35. They see things through and honor commitments rather than giving up or flitting from one thing to another.
  36. They expect tests and challenges to happen from time to time and face anxiety and challenges head-on while maintaining the greater perspective that irrespective of how dire the situation may seem, it will somehow stretch, grow, and serve them. They have perspective about life’s inevitable ups and downs, and face them with resiliency. They do not get sidetracked for long or sabotaged. They can be counted on to become their best self and best leader during times of challenge. They know that by kicking into overdrive to solve a particular problem, they will open new doors. They step into action, step into the moment, and proactively reshape and redefine the situation with authentic inspiration, confidence, resolve, strategic thought, and optimism. When faced with trials, their dreams and visions do not diminish, but rather grow more resolute.
  37. They are proactive about keeping to the path that feels right for them and maintaining their peak energy level and happiness. When they find themselves in bad situations, perhaps an ill-fitting role, culture, or supervisor, they figure the best way out.
  38. They take great pride in being good managers and leaders and garner significant personal feelings of reward from teaching, developing, and recognizing others, and also from fostering effective teamwork. They gain significant fulfillment from helping others to achieve, reach goals, and be their best selves. They truly want to positively touch the hearts and minds of others.
  39. They are strong communicators and relationship builders who take the time to develop deep, engaged, and meaningful relationships and to express interest in others. Even those individuals with a more introverted intrinsic nature take the time to cultivate relationships. They believe in the power of interconnectivity and respect the ability and potential contribution of others. They effectively team with others and excel in the communication and buy-in of collective mission, vision, and values. You cannot build a truly successful team and culture without leaders who are relationship builders. Our relationships — and how we cultivate and grow them – can make or break our careers and lives.
  40. They don’t carry unnecessary burdens and fret about the past.
  41. They tune out naysayers and armchair quarterbacks, never allowing the uninformed to take them off their course.
  42. They possess a keen awareness that they are setting an example for others in everything they say or do, in the vision they share, and in their demeanor. They roll up their sleeves and jump in whenever needed. They walk their talk.
  43. They care for and nourish themselves, physically, mentally, spiritually.
  44. They create and innovate.
  45. They have a sense of humor.
  46. They don’t waste a lot of time being offended, taking things personally, complaining, or fretting over who likes them or who doesn’t.
  47. They believe in their greatness, maintain a focus of excellence, visualize their success, and never stop dreaming and believing that all their driving desires will come to fruition. They live from a positive baseline. They expect success yet are undaunted (and may even be surprised) when things don’t come together as planned.
  48. They are completely self-motivated.
  49. They always celebrate success, big or small, knowing that supporting progress along the right path is as important as setting the right goal.
  50. They do not participate in negative energy-producing situations, including gossip and discussion of the trivial. They bring positivity in the face of negativity. They have full lives and realize that their full effort needs to be placed on the meaningful. When they do have time to unwind and relax, they do not focus on anything that carries negative, destructive energy.

The approach of the most purposeful, fulfilled and successful individuals teaches us the importance of living an integrated life that leverages your best, most profound and inate abilities and traits. Through discovering your purpose, and subsequently experiencing passion through the application and leverage of your unique gifts, you can experience new dimensions of yourself and begin to live with an underlying fulfillment, optimism, self-assuredness, confidence, and deep joy that you may have never previously known.

Living with Certainty
While clearly there is no one right way for everyone to live that carries with it the absolute guarantee of success and fulfillment, just beginning with the intention to create a more authentic, passionate, and abundant life carries power that can help to fuel productive action. Living with Certainty™ describes a process or template for uncovering your best self and beginning to live from a place of pure, purposeful positivity. This places you into your life’s optimal flow from which the fullest expression of your potential can begin to be realized. How you overlay the template to your own life, and the extent to which you attach the insight and meaning that subsequently emerges, is up to you. For some this process is intrinsic to who they are and how they live – they don’t call it “living with certainty.” Rather it is simply how they live their most authentic life. I have seen it time and again.

Living with Certainty™ can reveal to you a fresh perspective on your life and how you have up until now approached the discovery of your best self and your life’s purpose. This new lens can help you to understand how the path you have taken, for better or worse, has led you to the place you are today, and to chart a new course that will bring you ever closer to deeper meaning, fulfillment, and success (however you define that for yourself).

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Kristi LeBlanc has spent over 14 years as a retained executive recruiter with the globe’s largest, most prestigious executive search firms, including Korn/Ferry International where she was a Senior Partner. She is currently an Executive Vice President with DHR International, a top-5, retained, global executive search firm, and is based out of Minneapolis and Denver. She is also the author of “Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy,” which was named Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010 by USA Book News,  and the creator and CEO of Living with Certainty™ LLC where she is a corporate keynote speaker and organizational/personal consultant with a focus on developing positive leaders and positive corporate cultures. To learn more visit,, or call Kristi at 303-997-9328.

Work can provide the opportunity for spiritual and personal, as well as financial growth. If it doesn’t, we’re wasting far too much of our lives.” — James Autry

Serious, mainstream discussion about the power of pure, passionate, positive energy is becoming more prevalent everywhere I go – company/client meetings, schools and universities, health clubs, churches, book clubs, you name it. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are indicating a high need for an infusion of positivity throughout their ranks. Meetings, correspondence, water cooler talk, clients/customers, and overall corporate cultures are increasingly becoming infused with negativity in attitudes, demeanors, vocabulary, and rhetoric. Whether the context is personal or professional, pervasive negativity can sabotage all of your other efforts.

As an executive recruiter and business consultant focused on the recruitment of positive leaders, as well as on the development of powerful, positive corporate cultures, I have repeatedly witnessed first-hand the command and influence of pure, positive energy. Whether I am placing an individual into an executive role, or working with an organization to plant the seeds of a more positive, productive culture, the corporate need in this tough economy has been the same for several years: recruit the most positive, resilient, and inspiring leaders possible, and develop initiatives, programs, and job profiles that will engrain a more positive attitude — and more positive results –throughout the organization.

The collective consciousness, or culture, of your organization – its intrinsic values, attitudes, rhetoric, and behaviors — infuses the business and its employees. Positive, affirming corporate cultures are dynamic, energized work environments that proactively drive employee behavior creating better teamwork, and, overall, a more productive, engaged state of mind for all of your employees. Your leaders and managers set the tone for your organization’s culture. And if they are not putting forth a conscious, clear, and consistent effort to be positive these days, the slide will inevitably be toward negativity.

Through Thousands of Conversations…
In almost 15 years as a retained executive recruiter, I have had the privilege of interviewing and assessing literally thousands of the globe’s most successful, purposeful, passionate, fulfilled, and joyous individuals. A guiding, intrinsic positivity and passion for what they do are defining traits of the “best of the best” executives — their work is more to them than a job. It is also interesting to note that the executives in “transition” who tend to rebound the fastest — not only securing a challenging and personally fulfilling role, but building an impressive and lasting network along the way — are innately positive individuals with a strong sense of resiliency and faith that they will land on their feet. People – including potential employers – are attracted to them and want to be around them.

Defining Positivity
Specifically what constitutes positivity and positive energy as I describe here? Well, this is about a great deal more than merely smiling, posturing, cheerleading, or repeating positive affirmations. This has more to do with a palpable optimism, confidence, faith, encouragement, empowerment, vision, and resiliency in your interpersonal and communication skills, values, beliefs, actions, demeanor, relationships, expressions of gratitude, and overall leadership style.

Profound positivity and positive energy – the kind that carries with it the potential to transform lives and organizations — is substantial, inspiring, and contagious, even in the worst of times. It can’t be faked. It is intrinsic to who you are and how you live your life, personally and professionally.

And it all starts with feeling passionate and purposeful about what you do.

If you are in a leadership role, ask yourself: Do my thoughts, choices, emotions, attitudes, approaches, actions, and belief system all positively align every day in the pursuit of my passion and potential? Does every day bring for me the opportunity to optimize my greatness and success? It is through the daily, personal application of an integrated, positive alignment between your purpose and passion with your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and expressions of gratitude that you will create a life of great reward and fulfillment.

The Power of Living All Aspects of Life with Positive Energy
Despite the depressed economy and market conditions, there are those people and organizations that are not merely surviving, but thriving. According to a Stanford Research Institute study, 88 percent of success is about attitude and only 12 percent is about education. Those people who live and work from a baseline of pure, passionate, positivity live fuller lives and enjoy myriad other benefits, including improved health, affirming personal and professional relationships, enhanced joy, productive choices and decisions, effective leadership, greater resiliency, enhanced professional accomplishments and success, and more effective problem-solving abilities.

Your ability to maintaining a positive mindset in both your life and work is a determining success factor, particularly in the toughest of times when so many people are being asked to take on added responsibilities and work longer hours. Everyone has felt the pressure brought on by restructuring, downsizing, upside down life-work balance, external uncertainty, and reduced budgets. The repercussion of these business adjustments is a resultant pervasive attitudinal and cultural slide toward apathy, pessimism, and outright negativity.

The demand for positive leaders has never been greater. You will always be challenged and tested, and an innately positive mindset serves as the bedrock of an iron will and the ability to prevail. To live a truly productive life and have a successful career, you must consistently rise to the occasion when faced with adversity, roadblocks, or negativity. Yet finding individuals, teams, and organizations that have at their core an unwavering positivity is rarer than one might think.

Without the internal fire provided by living and working everyday with purpose and passion, you won’t have the fuel to keep moving forward in the toughest of times. This is the secret of life-long positivity, fulfillment, and joy: irrespective of your specific circumstances, if you first believe that your own life has purpose, you follow your passions, and you live with an abiding faith and perspective that a master plan exists for your life and its inherent lessons, then you tap into a self-actualized personal power and internal certainty that empowers every aspect of your life, including your career.

What Does It Mean to Live with Certainty?
I am frequently asked to define what it means to “live with certainty.” It means that the internal faith, belief, authenticity, purpose, passion, and positivity with which you live ignites an internal certainty, power, and influence greater than any fears or anxieties you may have. Self-actualized, high-achievers live and work each day with purpose, passion, and gratitude which serves to further fuel their positive attitude and productivity. Positive leaders understand that while they cannot control every aspect of their lives, they can control their mindset and attitude. They possess an unyielding faith and confidence in their vision and ability to ever-create a better future, personally and professionally. They trust in themselves and their abilities. Pessimism and negativity are not part of their mix.

Make no mistake; this is not the Pollyanna-Sunnyside view of life. Rather, it’s one of the most profound and effective ways to “cowboy-up” — when things get tough you must have the positive belief in yourself and your ability to prevail to get back up, dust yourself off, and keep trying. And as a leader, you must model this approach for your employees every single day.

Positivity as Key Leadership Trait
In this challenging business environment, positivity as a key leadership trait is a highly sought after attribute that is increasingly finding its way into every job description I write. Increasingly, when I am retained to replace a senior executive, it is because the incumbent was not a transformational conveyer of positive belief within the organization, but rather was perceived as entirely focused on the financials, unapproachable, overwhelmed, overstressed, and underwater.

Positive leaders generally tend to be more motivated and productive than less positive individuals. They inspire others with their belief and faith in a better future in a way that is contagious. A truly positive leader first believes in the grand potential of his/her own life, which only then can transfer to his/her career through the expression of a passionate and achievable vision for their company, employees, and customers. Whether personally or professionally, the positive leader believes that he/she will successfully tackle the next challenge, climb the next mountain, make that next sale. 

Your goal as a leader should be to uplift the beliefs of your employees. As a leader you establish your personal style and “brand,” in part, based upon the level of positive energy in your actions, reactions, vision, beliefs, interactions, relationships, progress, and expressions of gratitude. If you truly want to set yourself up for the next big job or promotion, begin by being the most positive, optimistic, faith-fueled visionary in your organization, particularly during the most challenging times.

Without question your demonstrated belief that you can succeed in a down market will go a long way in bringing out the best in others. This belief should be palpable in everything you say and do, so that when you do have to make the tough calls, your employees will have greater trust that your actions are in the organization’s best interest. The great contributors and great leaders have the ability to remain optimistic and fueled by positive energy even in the worst of times. Particularly when the going gets tough, they maintain positive energy through an optimistic attitude that they control much of their destiny and the best is yet to come, as well as an unflinching belief in a greater purpose which inspires powerful action.

The level to which you feel and express positive energy will directly affect the depth of your relationships and, as a leader, the ensuing level of respect and credibility you receive. Throughout my career working with organizations of every size and sector, I have witnessed the tremendous impact one positive leader can have on an organization. This is especially true with sales leaders where it is said that a lack of positive attitude plays a role in the failure of up to 50 percent of all salespeople. If you can’t successfully overcome rejection and navigate the left turns, hurdles, and roadblocks, you’ll never really understand your own resilience and personal power (or inspire anyone else), nor will you achieve your greatest potential and success.

Do you as a leader, or do the leaders in your organization, understand the impact you/they have on the beliefs, confidence, and goals of your employees? Do your employees believe that you care about them? Do they find you to be inspirational and positive? Do people love working for you? Do you have a reputation for bringing out the best in others? What you personally believe and project — and the limits you set — are contagious and affect the degree to which your employees actually engage and feel loyalty toward you and your organization.

Positivity Begets Positivity
I know for certain that positivity begets positivity. As you extend the best of yourself and release positivity into the world, you invite more positive energy into your life, and goodness will ensue. I recently heard Oprah Winfrey say that you must believe that great things can happen in your life. When you are the recipient of goodness or positivity, recognize it, give thanks for it, and hold it in your heart. And then with every opportunity – how you live, how you give, what you do, and who you are, release that goodness and positivity back out into the world as it was given to you.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the months ahead about the power of positive energy and how to inject more of it into your relationships, leadership and team-building approach, and corporate culture. Whether in your career, family, school, sports team, or church group, you can become the positive difference-maker who characteristically reveals your best self and shines. The results will be inspired and engaged family members, children, friends, co-workers, team members, and customers who will in turn feel unleashed and inspired to allow their own best selves to shine. This is the stuff that transformation and success are made of. I invite you to become an active participant in my Positivity Blog — strategies for life and career — by sharing your comments at

Kristi LeBlanc is an Executive Vice President with DHR International, a top-5, retained, global executive search firm, and is based out of Minneapolis and Denver. She is also the author of “Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy,” which was named Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010 by USA Book News,  and the founder and CEO of Living with Certainty ™ LLC where she is a workshop presenter, keynote speaker, and organizational consultant with a focus on developing positive leaders and positive corporate cultures. To learn more visit, or call Kristi at 303-997-9328.

Work can provide the opportunity for spiritual and personal, as well as financial growth. If it doesn’t, we’re wasting far too much of our lives. — James Autry

As the CEO of Living with Certainty LLC, I routinely consult with and speak to organizations to instill positivity and passion in leadership teams and employee groups.  My mission is to motivate them to tap into their deepest wells of  innate inspiration and creativity, and then to apply that one-of-a-kind power and effort to every aspect of their lives in order to self-actualize in ways they may have never felt possible. I can tell you that there is an intense demand right now from organizations to help them stop this tremendous slide toward negativity and pessimism in their employees and, therefore, their cultures.

As an executive recruiter, I have been hearing from scores of job-seekers and candidates that their former (or current) organizations have serious morale issues, and they are ready to make a move to a more positive, optimistic organization.

As a nation — and a world — we’ve been through a lot over the past several years, and people have had enough, reached their breaking point in some cases. My new book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy, is helping scores of individuals to look at their lives and where they are today differently so that they can enact significant change in their lives.  Relief is within reach if you have a plan.

This article, Employee Loyalty at Three-Year Low, from yesterday’s USA today reflects what I have been seeing in the marketplace for some time.

Employee loyalty is at a three-year low, but many employers are precariously unaware of the morale meltdown, according to new MetLife study.While frustrated workers are griping, groaning and secretly sending out resumes, employers think they are just as loyal as they were three years ago, the benefits-provider reports in its 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, to be released today.

“Businesses are understandably focused on expenses,” says Ronald Leopold, vice president of MetLife’s U.S. Business. “But they’re taking their eye off the ball with human capital issues, notably what drives employee satisfaction and loyalty.”

Morale fell — and stress levels skyrocketed — as cost-cutting employers froze wages, slashed bonuses and asked workers to assume the duties of laid-off colleagues during the downturn. Four in ten employees say a heavy workload, unrealistic job expectations and long hours have been significant sources of stress, according to the American Psychological Association.

Fed up, workers are seeking greener professional pastures: Slightly more than one in three hope to find a new job in the next 12 months, according to the MetLife survey, .

“Employees are starting to sniff out the possibility of an economic recovery and they’re getting antsy,” says Leopold.

Four in ten workers believe it’s “likely” they’ll find a job that matches their experience and salary in the next six months, according to a survey by career website, to be released Tuesday. This is the highest confidence level in six quarters.

That impending exodus could wallop employers who have to pay for recruiting and training replacements, as well as deal with lost productivity as they recruit new personnel. More than half of employers say they’ve had difficulty attracting employees with critical skills, according to a recent survey by employer consultancy Towers Watson.

“You invested all that time and training in that employee — and then you watch knowledge walk out the door,” says Kevin Sheridan, chief engagement officer at consultant HR Solutions.

Most firms can’t offer massive raises , but improved employee communications — such as highlighting benefits the employer still offers and asking workers what benefits they want — could increase job satisfaction, says Anthony Nugent, MetLife’s executive vice president of U.S. Business.

Sheridan adds that engagement will rise — and resignations could fall — if bosses take on low-cost actions such as offering career advancement advice and saying ‘thank you’ to deserving workers.

“(Employees) want to know that they’re reporting to someone who cares about them as a person, and cares about their engagement level,” he says.

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“I’ll have what their having.” How do they do that, how do people continually live being positive? Living with Certainty™, is a philosophy and highly-developed system created by Kristi LeBlanc that cultivates positive leaders, positive corporate cultures, and provides powerful, positive strategies you can apply to your life and your career. Don’t miss Kristi’s award-winning book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.

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Kristi LeBlanc

Kristi LeBlanc is the Creator and CEO of Living with Certainty™ LLC, a highly-developed philosophy and system that cultivates experience of greater meaning and purpose, and facilitates positive energy and attitude, motivation, inspiration, authenticity, emotional resilience, hope, and joy – in individuals, leaders, and organizational cultures.  Living with Certainty™ has both individual/personal and business/professional applications, providing powerful, positive strategies for life and career.  Kristi is also a keynote speaker/corporate workshop facilitator, organizational consultant, cancer survivor, and author of the award-winning book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.

Kristi has spent the past fourteen years as a successful senior partner, global practice leader, and member of the operating committee with the world’s largest, most prestigious retained executive search firms, including Korn/Ferry International and DHR International.  She has worked for clients ranging in size from leading Fortune 500 multi-national organizations to mid-cap companies and smaller, emerging ventures.  Kristi has acquired substantial life success expertise through assessing, advising, and interviewing thousands of the world’s most successful, principled executives which led to the development of the Living with Certainty philosophy.  She has been extensively interviewed and published as an industry thought leader on leadership and human capital, and also contributed to the textbook, Integrated Business Communication: In the Marketplace published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  Kristi is a recipient of the Industry Leader Award from The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Women in Business Awards, and Minnesota Business magazine showcased her as a Minnesota business ‘Power Player.’  She graduated with honors from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.  Kristi lives in Denver, CO, with her husband and three children.

Bring Passion and a Fresh Perspective to Your Next Event that will Leave Your Audience Enlightened, Inspired, and Motivated

Events featuring Kristi LeBlanc as the keynote speaker or workshop facilitator are truly special events.  Kristi’s credible, charismatic, insightful, inspiring, interactive, and candid approach provides an unforgettable audience experience.  With a wealth of personal and professional experience, Kristi promotes living pure, positive, purposeful lives of internal certainty and profound joy through discovering our deepest authenticity, passion, inspiration, and callings.  Her popularity as a motivational speaker is growing because Kristi is well-known for delivering priceless information, including her ground-breaking, award-winning life success course of action; and, she always provides the audience with actionable tools and takeaways.

What Types of Organizations Can Benefit from the Living with Certainty Presentations?

There is a high need within organizations of all sizes and industries for help with creating positivity.  Reorganization, downsizing, leadership changes, reduced sales, added responsibility, and salary/incentive pay freezes and reductions have taken a toll on employee morale.  Add to this in many organizations, a younger workforce who views the world through a different lens, possibly bringing forth a different set of values.  Generally speaking, the world is increasingly full of challenges, disagreement, turmoil, and a lack of civility, with many individuals ready and willing to push the attitudes and rhetoric evermore toward the negative.  The efforts of Living with Certainty™ LLC are specifically targeted at counteracting this organizational slide. 

The following types of organizations can benefit from the Living with Certainty™ presentations and workshops:

  • Healthy public, private, or non-profit organizations looking to further energize their leadership team and employee base with an infusion of pure, positive, productive, and profound positivity
  • Organizations seeking to deepen their relationship with customers through the extension of overt positivity, purpose, and passion in each interaction
  • Organizations seeking to stem the tide of high employee turnover, and deepen the passion and commitment employees feel toward the organization, colleagues, and customers
  • Organizations that have undergone a change in senior leadership and are seeking to initiate a new, more positive, productive culture
  • Organizations that have undergone reorganization and downsizing and now need to re-establish more positive cultural footing
  • Organizations whose employees are burned out and in need of rejuvenation, motivation, inspiration, and launch of a new day after assuming combined roles/additional duties during downsizings and restructurings
  • Organizations that understand the business imperative of proactively shifting away from negative, fear-based, politically-charged cultures
  • Organizations with sales teams and customer-facing employees in need of rejuvenation and motivation, and who need to learn how to project greater, authentic positivity in customer interactions
  • Organizations who need their organizational story reframed through a lens of positivity to more productively and positively impact employees, customers, and communities
  • Non-Profit organizations that have experienced a challenging and frustrating couple years and could benefit from an inspirational reminder of the big picture and an infusion of the core values of service, compassion, generosity, altruism, and positivity, among others

Based On the Award-Winning Book: Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy


Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy was named

- “Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010″ by the USA Book News Best Books Awards  
- “Best Self-Help Book 2011 by the North American Bookdealers Exchange Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards

Representative Endorsements

“When you are ready (and I mean really ready) to finally stop playing all those ultimately useless surface, societal games and to start listening to and living from your heart with purpose and authenticity in this one precious life that you have, then Kristi LeBlanc’s Living with Certainty just might open the portal that sets you free!”
PATRICE KARST, Author of Back to the Garden, God Made Easy, The Invisible String, The Smile that Went Around the World, The Single Mother’s Survival Guide

“In Living with Certainty, author Kristi LeBlanc provides readers with what I see as a “Lifetime Workshop.” Filled with insight and practical instruction, Living with Certainty can make you think and help you commit to life-enhancing changes, while lending a helping hand along the way.  The author’s 65 Energy Enablers, alone, are worth the price of the book.”
SUE PATTON THOELE, author of The Courage To Be Yourself and The Mindful Woman

“With dedicated attention to detail as well as an inspirational perspective of the big picture, LeBlanc outlines the keys of authenticity, spirituality, and discovery.  Find out what Deep-Soul Joy requires, waylay the “purpose preventers” in your life, and determine what could be holding you back from taking your place in the world.  Most important, as the title of Part II states, you are set on the path of ‘Discovering the Life the Universe Always Intended for You to Live.’ ”
SCIENCE OF MIND: A Guide for Spiritual Living, January 2011

Book Description

Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy provides a groundbreaking blueprint for changing how you view the meaning of life, your possibilities, and the world.  Filled with practical insight and powerful wisdom, it will empower you to discover your most authentic self, believe in the power of your unique gifts, uncover your true purpose and passions, find peace and internal certainty, and understand how to follow your innate inner guidance to bring forth and experience your life’s richness and fulfillment.  Once and for all, overcome the anxieties and fears that may be holding you back from living your fullest and best life — a life of deep-soul joy.

Kristi LeBlanc, has had thousands of conversations with the globe’s top executive talent which led to the development of Living with Certainty™.  A shared characteristic of the most joyous, fulfilled executives was their ability to live passionate and purposeful lives from a pure, positive, and purposeful personal energy state.  At the core of Living with Certainty™ is a multi-faceted, total-life approach and set of positive life and career strategies that include 65 Energy Enablers — practical, actionable tips, tools, and advice — to help you close the gap between core success/positivity/passion/joy principles and you/your organization’s everyday actions and applications.  Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy is a complete and practical blue-print for living with the deepest positivity, purpose, fulfillment, and self-actualization.

Keynote Speeches, Professional Advancement Workshops & Personal Development Seminars that Can and Do Change Lives

“Kristi is one of the most authentic, credible, and empathetic presenters I have ever heard.  I felt connected with her and her message at a deep level that was extraordinarily thought provoking for me.  Her clear, personal, and practical presentation of the subject matter provided me with valuable takeaways and tools that I have completely incorporated into my life.” 
– 2010 Seminar Participant

Kristi LeBlanc’s presentations are customized to your audience/event in terms of length, content, nuances, needs, and objectives of your organization, including:

  • 45 minute keynote
  • 90 minute keynote/interactive seminar
  • Half-day interactive seminar/workshop format
  • Full-day interactive seminar/workshop format 

The Seminars

Note: The core concepts of Living with Certainty™ – living and working with optimal energy through tapping into our innate (yet all too often untapped) stores of peace, purpose, fulfillment, joy, love, compassion, faith, hope, positivity, gratitude, passion, generosity, awareness, and desire to serve — are not religion-based, nor do they in any way conflict with specific religious beliefs (or non-beliefs).

Graduate…to Live with Certainty: Commencement Speech
In a fundamentally uncertain external world, what does it mean to “live with certainty”? It means that you’re living your daily life with levels of purpose, passion, authenticity, positivity, faith, and joy that provide greater power and influence over your mental state, belief system, and actions than do your fears and anxieties.

In this inspirational speech tailored to awaken each graduate to the all-important impact of having an intrinsic faith in one’s own abilities and a clear, positive vision of their future, Kristi LeBlanc explains how they can steadfastly move forward now – irrespective of market conditions – to begin to discover and create their most fulfilling, passionate, and joyous lives. She explains how, through Living with Certainty, we can leverage our unique gifts, creative abilities, talents, and predilections to seize the opportunity – even in this down market — to serve and create in ways that may never have been possible before.

By allowing our passions to lead us to our purpose, we empower something bigger than our thoughts, fears, and anxieties to galvanize and guide our actions. This is how we begin to live with profound internal certainty and a level of joy we may never have previously experienced, or even thought possible. 

Every new graduate should have the opportunity to launch the next chapter of his or her life fueled by the power of this uplifting speech that provides the formula for creating a life of lasting fulfillment and success by any measure.  

Audiences: Commencement Speech for Academic/Higher Education Graduation Ceremonies

Through Thousands of Conversations: One Executive Recruiter’s Perspective on the Pure Energy of Success
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the “Golden Touch?” Why most everything they do seems to work out seamlessly? After interviewing and assessing thousands of world-class individuals from a wide variety of fields, Kristi discovered that the most purposeful, joyful, and fulfilled executives live with purposeful authenticity and with the purest, most positive internal energy levels….they Live with Certainty™.

Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy reveals the blueprint, or success formula, for living every day with positivity and from the highest possible internal energy level, thus creating the deepest levels of joy, fulfillment, peace, and personal success. The most successful individuals possess traits, habits, and ways of approaching their life and work that separate them from the rest of the pack.

Living with Certainty provides a practical, replicable formula for creating a level of joy and success in your life that you may never have imagined possible for yourself. This is a motivating and inspiring keynote in which Kristi shares her groundbreaking insights regarding the Pure Energy of Success. She provides the prescription for what is required to discover and leverage your best self, irrespective of your specific vocation. These are the powerful pearls of wisdom that will inspire you to take the action to live your very best life.

Audiences: Building Positive Culture, Fostering Employee Engagement, Human Capital Development, Enhancing Leadership, Inspiring Sales Performance, Improving Customer Service, Personal Development

The Living with Certainty™ Energy Enablers: The Pure, High Energy of Purposefully Authentic Leadership
One of Kristi’s most inspiring presentations outlines how your authenticity, purpose, and passions are intended to be utilized and leveraged in your vocation, and how in turn the organization will benefit from this level of inspired employee effort. Drawing on her personal experience as a Senior Partner with several of the most respected, global executive search firms, Kristi will reveal the benefits of aligning your personal purpose, mission, values, and passions with those of your organization. This is a presentation that weighs heavy on the culture creation that fosters the fullest levels of employee motivation and engagement.

Industry leaders take the time and effort to ensure alignment between the missions and passions of their managers/leaders and those of their direct reports and employees. Kristi discusses the impact that your personal approach, including your energy-level, demeanor, choices, values, and priorities, has on you and your (employee) relationships. She describes how the Living with Certainty Energy Enablers can powerfully impact your Thoughts, Actions, Beliefs, Relationships, and Gratitude, thus enhancing your performance, credibility, and leadership abilities.

Kristi describes for participants how the Living with Certainty approach, in full concert with the Energy Enablers, provides a blueprint for discovering your deepest authenticity, purpose, and passions, infusing you with belief, personal power, and confidence, and creating your best life. The Energy Enablers can also be extremely impactful in developing your team and your organization’s bench-strength.

Audiences: Conferences, Not-For-Profit and Association Events, Higher Education/Educators, Organizations Committed to Leveraging Employee Passion, Personal Development Seminars, Organizations Desirous of Cutting Edge Approaches to Team-Building, Leadership, and Employee Engagement

The Business Impact of Passion and Spirit
Learn how some of the most successful, purposeful, charismatic, and effective executives have utilized their inner spirit and passion to make manifest extraordinary personal, employee, and organizational success. These extraordinary executives possess an unrelenting passion for exploring and leveraging their purposeful authenticity and unique talents which has time and again proven to lead directly to one-of-a-kind inspiration, innovation, and outstanding results.

Kristi draws upon first-hand knowledge and experiences, provides insight into how to unleash your creative abilities, and reflects upon how the Energy Enablers are utilized by some of the most powerful, purposeful executives in the world. The audience will leave inspired to live and lead with their own spirit and passion.

Audiences: Organizations that Foster Innovation, Business Conferences, Personal Development Seminars

Purpose, Passion, and Energy-Infused Sales
This motivational, out-of-the-box presentation for your sales team focuses on how to work and sell with optimal positivity and at the highest personal energy levels by utilizing the Energy Enablers and aligning your purposeful authenticity with your organization and your clients. This approach has proven to lead to the development of genuine, trust-based, long-term relationships resulting in long-term contracts.

Audiences: Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Meetings          

10 Rules to Inspire, Authenticate and Energize Your Life, Vocation, and Relationships
Kristi LeBlanc presents a powerful, practical blueprint for overcoming everyday hurdles and stumbling blocks as you remain in a positive, pure, high-energy mindset, enabling you and those around you to ride the positive flow of energy. No individual, company, or team is immune to experiencing — and becoming sidetracked by — life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Kristi presents 10 core tenets for overcoming challenges and hardships in a way that inspires and energizes you to enhance the goodness and success in your life. Executives charged with energizing their employees and building high-performance cultures, along with individuals looking to enhance their perspective, passion, and productivity, will find this seminar to be a direct link to a more fulfilling, purposeful, and joyous life and career.

Audiences: Building Positive Culture, Fostering Employee Engagement, Human Capital Development, Enhancing Leadership, Inspiring Sales Performance, Improving Customer Service

Committed to Keeping It Positive: Developing Internal Certainty in Fundamentally Uncertain External Times
Pessimism, negative rhetoric, and a general lack of civility seem to be proliferating no matter where you go. This is due in part to the economic recession and the accompanying fast rate of change and external uncertainty. Now more than ever, change and uncertainty are a part of daily work and life. Employees caught up in waves of panic and pessimism can throw-up their hands and lose their edge. However, we all have more control to Live with Certainty than we realize.

In this up to the minute talk, Kristi describes how Living with Certainty prescribes an effective means of addressing one of the most significant challenges today for organizations: pessimism, negativity and a general lack of civility. Their financial cost to organizations is exorbitant, not to mention their detrimental effect on the organizational morale, culture, and effectiveness.

In this inspirational seminar, Kristi presents a proven blueprint chock full of tips and strategies that will help you and your team live and work with internal certainty during extremely uncertain external times. Kristi reveals practical, actionable, and innovative ideas, tactics, and solutions for cultivating positivity and optimism throughout your organization’s ranks, helping it to transform from spiraling negativity to thriving.

Audiences: Building Positive Culture, Fostering Employee Engagement, Human Capital Development, Enhancing Leadership, Inspiring Sales Performance, Improving Customer Service

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