In order to arouse, stir, and awaken the healthy “real” you, you must allow yourself to lean into feelings of discomfort and pain rather than shut them down or deny them. Think of this process as slowly peeling the layers from an onion until you finally reach its innermost heart. This takes courage, but the more layers of baggage, life-long conditioning, and ego-personality that you peel away, the more you’ll experience your true essence and authenticity. By allowing yourself to experience and explore these emotions as they arise, you can begin to lessen their stranglehold on you. As you peel away layers of ego, the negative voices, limiting perceptions, and false impressions in your head—everything that stands between you and your inspired soulview— will begin to fade. Visualize this process as bringing your pain into the light that shines from deep within you.

Steel yourself to endure whatever painful emotions surface, allowing yourself to feel them fully. If you run from them or ignore them, they will never go away. They’ll just lie in wait, eventually surfacing and undoing all of your efforts. Over time, after you lean into the pain again and again, it lessens. You start to let go of it; you begin to get over it. It’s no longer there, hiding in the shadows. Through this courageous work, you will nurture and promote your own spiritual awakening.

“You are like a poor man who doesn’t realize he lives on top of buried treasure. The earth of body, mind, and speech obscures the fact that you are already enlightened and keeps you impoverished by the sufferings of life.” —Kunkhyen Longchen Rabjam

At this very moment, everything you need to begin real transformation dwells inside of you. This is the time to stop, think, believe, and behave your way out of what may feel like an empty life. By undertaking the Living with Certainty approach, you’re giving yourself the gift of exploring new possibilities for living an authentic life.

Like many people, you may have explored numerous self-help methods in search of the one big breakthrough that would finally end your anxiety, emptiness, pain, and restlessness. You may feel as though you’ve tried everything without ever moving forward. Maybe, despite having achieved status, success, and financial freedom, you still feel incomplete. Deep inside, you know one thing for sure: this is not the life you are meant to live.

 We’re All in This Together

 You’re not alone. Your feelings are far more common and widespread than you may have guessed. People of all ages, backgrounds, incomes, and nationalities suffer from a profound lack of fulfillment, purpose, and joy. They, like you, have worked hard chasing the American dream, only to wake up asking, What happened? This isn’t how I thought my life would end up. Does any of the following sound familiar?

You know you’re capable of more, yet your current existence feels just ordinary.

You long for relief from daily pressures, fears, and insecurities.

You feel lonely, restless, or trapped, not knowing where or how you fit in.

You don’t know the way out, but you are willing to commit to discovering a new path before you run out of time.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Consider yourself forewarned: Much work lies ahead—hard, but happy work. Your quest to discover deep-soul joy won’t be successful if you merely deposit artificial layers of emotions on top of your pain and discontent. You’ll need commitment, discipline, self-control, and persistence to dissolve the old habits, behaviors, and patterns accumulated over a lifetime. New, raw feelings will emerge that will need to be processed. This journey can be challenging and difficult because as you undertake living with certainty, you will increasingly develop an awareness of events, circumstances, and relationships that bring you pain and confliction. This is an essential part of your journey, for only then can you begin to figure out why you feel the way you do. You must make peace with these feelings once and for all.

Much time and effort are required when undertaking an authentic spiritual journey if it’s to result in the release of your spirit’s innate wisdom regarding your Earthly purpose. Though Living with Certainty is a practical approach intended to be integrated into your daily life, enormous commitment, discipline, and patience are still required.

An essential aspect of the Living with Certainty journey is patience, and allowing yourself the necessary time to release your demons and experience real growth. This isn’t an instantaneous spiritual makeover, but a process that unfolds naturally and differently for everyone. The fact that you’re reading this book indicates that you are ready to begin the required work.

Take a moment, right now, to ask yourself this question:

Am I ready to break free of the shackles of my ego, and the other aspects of Earthly physicality preventing me from bringing the power of Source energy fully into my life?

Next, ask yourself this: Am I willing and open to examining every aspect of myself?

You cannot begin to change your outer life without first doing the obligatory inner work. For some, little inner work is required; for others, a lifetime of ongoing inner work may be necessary. We all have the same capacity to co-create the life the universe always intended for us to live, it’s just that some of us have more work to do to discover our inspired soul-view, release our baggage, and heal old wounds.


To begin your Living with Certainty journey, you must first consider and embrace certain ideas. For example, humans are first and foremost souls, which are the essence of our physical beings—who we really are. Our souls enter into Earthly physicality in order to express our purposeful authenticity and experience deep-soul joy. Within us already dwells the requisite power and resources for an extraordinarily fulfilled existence.

We’re hardwired with an internal instruction system that serves to guide us in alignment with our inspired soul-view through instinct, feeling, and intuition. Signs, signals, symbols, and synchronicities are communication from Source energy that grace us with guidance.

This all-encompassing, powerful, unseen energy plane surrounds us and allows us to co-create our Earthly lives. Our actions, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts create energetic vibrations that interact with, and respond to, Source energy. Through heightened awareness and diligence we can align with this flow. Without question, you possess the power to co-create the life the universe always intended for you
to live in tandem with Source energy. Source energy loves you and awaits your individual connection.