As an executive recruiter who has worked at the most senior levels of organizations for 16 years, my approach on leadership puzzlethe front-end of any search is to take a deep dive into the corporate culture one-on-one with all of the stakeholders involved – hiring managers, leaders, peers, and direct reports. And while most everyone can quite succinctly describe the culture and its impact, very few are satisfied that the current culture is what it could and should be – a healthy environment in complete support of the organization’s strategy, mission, vision, values, and goals. (As you might imagine, I am very often brought in to replace an executive who was not a “cultural fit.” Quite a few clients today are looking for executives who can initially assimilate into the existing culture without “rocking the boat,” but who can, over time, help to transition the culture to something far more positive, productive, and in alignment with organizational objectives.)