IBAWinnerJpegLiving with Certainty™ goes beyond merely attempting to achieve life-work balance. Living with Certainty is an “everyday spirituality” guide that helps you define your life purpose and achieve life-long success, fulfillment, and deep-soul joy. This is not a temporary fix.

Going Beyond Life-Work BalanceBest Books

Life-work balance is a challenging and valuable goal. However, what would it mean to you if you could achieve life-work balance while living the life the universe always intended for you to live – the life you deserve? How would that life impact you, your family, and even the global community?

Living with Certainty is a philosophy and lifestyle that can make immediate, significant, and positive changes in your life and in the broader global community through achieving alignment with your inner, spirit-based, authentic life purpose. You will experience life-work balance and more.

Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose

One of the most important tasks in this lifetime is to discover the life purpose that feels right for you at your emotional and soul level65 Energy Enablers of Living with Certainty – the life purpose of “certainty.” When you discover and live your life purpose of certainty, you will reach a high-vibrational state of energy that ultimately brings you joy, fulfillment, and peace; you will act in fundamentally loving, compassionate, and inspired soul-view-aligned ways.

Living with Certainty moves you forward every day with optimal energy, authentic life purpose achievement, and ongoing development and enlightenment while maximizing the pleasure and joy in your life.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Read Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy

10.  Developing awareness of your passions, defining success, devising a strategy, and LeBlanc_taking productive action every day is often easier said than done. It requires specific understanding, guidance, discipline, and effort. The good news is that you have everything you need—here, now, today—to begin.

9.   Irrespective of your place in life today, you are capable of experiencing great joy while learning to harness and elevate your personal energy in the quest to discover— and share—your greatest gifts with the world. The book’s 65 Energy Enablers define a specific, practical plan to heighten and purify your energy.

8.   The most successful, joyous, self-actualized people share this trait: they are aware of, and in tune with, every aspect of their personal energy and understand the significance it plays in the co-creation of their purposeful lives. Living with Certainty calls upon ancient knowledge and helps you to understand and naturally heighten your energy vibrations, teaching you to think, believe, and act in ways that encourage and improve your life.

7.   Your life’s work should be an expression of purposeful authenticity that allows you to experience personal joy, growth, and enlightenment while also serving the universe in an inimitable way.

6.   Your life’s adventure should unquestionably include discovering your various dimensions, including your purpose, potentiality, and passions. The essential first step is to open your mind and awareness to the notion that you are spirit as well as mind and body, and to initiate the revelation of your inspired soul-view.

5.   Your internal instruction system, when fully in tune with Source energy (the ever-flowing, all-knowing creative energy of the universe through which we are all interconnected and from which all Earthly physicality emanates) and your inspired soul-view, enables brilliant boldness and authenticity over your actions.

4.   When you are exhausted and frustrated from toiling away without moving forward or experiencing any joy, Living with Certainty can transition you out of your rut, moving you ever closer to experiencing deep-soul joy and the life the universe always intended for you to live.

3.  This isn’t a process that should be undertaken only when you want or need something but is a belief system so deep and intrinsic to your ongoing growth and spiritual development that you cannot live any other way. It’s the ultimate way of honoring your self, your soul, your life, and your contribution to the universe.

2.   Living with Certainty provides a practical spiritual foundation—a deliberate way to approach and align your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, relationships, and actions. The process allows plenty of room for personal choice and authenticity as you carve out a unique life path in partnership with your inspired soul-view, and seamlessly learn to blend the various facets of your Earthly life with Source energy.

1.   You are a brilliant, radiant spiritual being of unlimited love and potential with the hardwired capacity to co-create in every moment the life the universe always intended for you to live. Every day presents you with an opportunity to become and express more of your purposeful authenticity. Believe that the gifts you have can somehow, in some way, uniquely serve the world. It’s never too late.

PinnacleAwardSticker2…And I must add one more…Living with Certainty has proven itself to me and to others as a rewarding and powerful way to improve lives irrespective of who or where you are. Now is the time to live with certainty; there is no other. This is the time for change and transformation, to discover your true self and to purify and heighten your energy. Anything that you deem meaningful or have longed to do but put off because you were “too busy,” pursue now, big or small. This will make you feel productive and create momentum. Now is the perfect time for you to make the decision to begin living intentionally—with purposeful authenticity—and to co-create not only your own life, but also a better world. If we all lived with certainty in alignment with our inspired soul-views, without question the world would change for the better.