As You Feed Your Mind, So Goes Your Life | The Power of Thought

One things is for sure: Most of us are extremely wrapped up in our own thoughts…which, by the way, are not merely fleeting impressions without consequence. These words and voices in our heads carry power, have repercussions and can be exhausting. We feed our minds daily with needless preoccupations and destructive messaging, and it’s rare that we live with the wise awareness and wherewithal to catch ourselves doing so and then quickly switch gears to the more positve and productive. No, it’s much easier to remain stuck in the worrisome, needlessly escalating and blowing things out of proportion.

We have all, at some time, been guilty of making mountains out of molehills. We mentally tortured ourselves by a thought that should have just come and gone – passed through with no more than a brief acknowledgment – but instead we allowed ourselves to get stuck. Remember, when you allow this to happen, you are changing your trajectory – maybe just for that day, but if this happens frequently, you are changing your life. You’re hardly blazing new trails into a new and exciting future, but rather you are stuck and spinning your wheels in a zone of negativity and static.

But it needn’t be this way. The fact — for all of us — is that thoughts are by their very nature fleeting and impermanent, and as such can be changed at any time. The ability to be discerning with regard to where you place your thought focus is a trait of people who are remarkably joyous and successful. Your thoughts and feelings feed upon each other, affecting your choices and actions, and thus co-creating your circumstances. As you think and feel a certain way, you make certain choices that create your circumstances. So, to change your circumstances, change your throughts. Easier said than done…but essential.

Living with Certainty is a powerful way of being that will help you to control your thoughts, and change your life. When our thoughts are in alignment with our inspired soul-view and the life the universe always intended for us to live, we feel good and our emotions are positive. However, as thoughts create in you feelings of stress, tension, anxiety, disappointment, distress, frustration, regret or discontent, this is your internal instruction system communicating with you that this thought is not in alignment with your inspired soul-view. Remember, you are completely in control of whether you experience these feelings. Thoughts create emotions, and emotions are your most powerful indicator as to whether you are living in alignment with your inspired soul-view. Without accompanying emotion, your thoughts are impotent. With positive, feel-good emotion, you allow yourself to tap into the flow of your spiritual power frequency to co-create the life the universe always intended for you to live. This is Living with Certainty.

Kristi LeBlanc

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