Awakening the Real You | Peeling Back the Layers

In order to arouse, stir, and awaken the healthy “real” you, you must allow yourself to lean into feelings of discomfort and pain rather than shut them down or deny them. Think of this process as slowly peeling the layers from an onion until you finally reach its innermost heart. This takes courage, but the more layers of baggage, life-long conditioning, and ego-personality that you peel away, the more you’ll experience your true essence and authenticity. By allowing yourself to experience and explore these emotions as they arise, you can begin to lessen their stranglehold on you. As you peel away layers of ego, the negative voices, limiting perceptions, and false impressions in your head—everything that stands between you and your inspired soulview— will begin to fade. Visualize this process as bringing your pain into the light that shines from deep within you.

Steel yourself to endure whatever painful emotions surface, allowing yourself to feel them fully. If you run from them or ignore them, they will never go away. They’ll just lie in wait, eventually surfacing and undoing all of your efforts. Over time, after you lean into the pain again and again, it lessens. You start to let go of it; you begin to get over it. It’s no longer there, hiding in the shadows. Through this courageous work, you will nurture and promote your own spiritual awakening.

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