Calling All Spiritual Believers: It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet

My most recent Blog seems to have resonated with many of you based on your personal emails and direct messages/tweets to me. You say that, in fact, while you want to openly live a more spiritual life, find inspiration, and, in fact, change your life, you do not feel the freedom to do so. There remains a palpable spirituality stigma that inhibits you. People in all facets of your life — friends, co-workers, social network contacts, even family think you’re a little too ‘out there,’ even whacked. Well, I understand that…which is why I wrote the Blog, “Spirituality Isn’t Weird” in the first place. But it’s high time to come out of the closet. The enlightened shouldn’t hide. No, let me rephrase…the enlightened CANNOT hide any longer. The planet can no longer wait for your contributions. This is why I have placed myself in the forefront of ‘normal,’ hardworking, good-people who believe that the state of our planet is crying out for new voices, new leaders, to present this innate spiritual aspect of our lives in a new, fresh, pragmatic manner. As we live increasingly soul-based lives, we will naturally become happier, more purposeful, and more fulfilled which means we will stop creating negative energy and harming others. We can positively impact every aspect of our entire planet by living soul-based lives.

My experience is that most people I know want to be inspired, enlightened, fulfilled, and happy. Many people, however, are stymied as to how to fully incorporate “spirituality” into their lives in a way that can make a difference. Of course, this is what Living with Certainty is for; this is everyday spirituality on your terms. Together the “Deep-Soul Joy Army” will change the negative, flaky perceptions associated with spirituality as we join together in the Certainty Chain on this site and on Facebook and Twitter. We are supporting and affirming one another. Over time, this is all that is required to chip away at the stigma. And don’t forget, anyone who belittles or makes fun of you is not an energetic match with you and isn’t at all enlightened. They are very early on in their soul’s journey. However, as they witness you change your life, their fear and skepticism may quickly dissipate.

Recently I had a very close friend of mine – a staunch atheist – ask me “who am I” to spread this word of hope and joy during such hopeless times. To this I responded, who am I NOT to spread this word of undying hope and faith? This IS the time; there is no other. The momentum is building NOW. We are meant to change our lives NOW – of this I am certain. And I have a means to help people do so NOW.

Changing Lives and Finding Inspiration through Spirituality and Facebook

The world needs more people who stand for something good and who are willing to put themselves out there in the name of positive change. One of the most important venues for us to unite in our efforts to Live with Certainty, to exchange ideas and inspiration, and to allow for new spiritual leaders to emerge and share their insight is on the Living with Certainty Facebook page. I hear from so many of you that you are needing affirmation, validation, love, appreciation and support as you attempt to live authentically and from the heart/soul. Please take a moment to click on this site’s Facebook link and “Like” the Living with Certainty page so you will receive regular updates as to the important dialogue that takes place there. I want to hear from you – your thoughts, questions, desires, wins, frustrations, challenges, ideas, and inspirations. There are no rules – tell us about your own efforts to change the world. Your gifts and contributions may touch the lives of others in ways you cannot even remotely fathom. Don’t hold back.

We all face critics and certainly you will as you embark upon your Living with Certainty journey. Critics or skeptics in your life might include people in your network, friends, family, or co-workers.  Who cares?! Come on out of that closet! Nobody has the right to tell you how to be the True You. That’s between your Spirit and the Universe. Be bold, be brave, be the spiritual revolution for which the world weeps.