In order to arouse, stir, and awaken the healthy “real” you, you must allow yourself to lean into feelings of discomfort and pain rather than shut them down or deny them. Think of this process as slowly peeling the layers from an onion until you finally reach its innermost heart. This takes courage, but the more layers of baggage, life-long conditioning, and ego-personality that you peel away, the more you’ll experience your true essence and authenticity. By allowing yourself to experience and explore these emotions as they arise, you can begin to lessen their stranglehold on you. As you peel away layers of ego, the negative voices, limiting perceptions, and false impressions in your head—everything that stands between you and your inspired soulview— will begin to fade. Visualize this process as bringing your pain into the light that shines from deep within you.

Steel yourself to endure whatever painful emotions surface, allowing yourself to feel them fully. If you run from them or ignore them, they will never go away. They’ll just lie in wait, eventually surfacing and undoing all of your efforts. Over time, after you lean into the pain again and again, it lessens. You start to let go of it; you begin to get over it. It’s no longer there, hiding in the shadows. Through this courageous work, you will nurture and promote your own spiritual awakening.

This is without a doubt the critical time on our planet to begin a dialogue about what spirituality is, what it means, and how it can change the current depressing and negative trajectory of life on Earth. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak – separate the facts of spirituality and the necessity of living a spiritual life from some of the New Age, nonsensical information that has given “spirituality” a bad name.

So many people who I hear from are seeking, searching, and trying to make sense of their lives. Most everyone I know has been affected to various extents by the economic recession. We are losing men and women serving in the military everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan. Domestic terrorism is a reality. There is so much hate and unrest the world over. And how many of us have absolutely had enough – enough! – of corrupt, blindly partisan politicians and the ensuing huge partisan divide that has pitted people against each other and also resulted in a venomous media (including so-called comedy shows…Really? They think they’re being funny when they spew hate??) the likes of which we have never seen before. All of this collective negativity is lowering the overall level of good, pure, positive, loving, and compassionate energy in the world, and is contributing to an individualism and selfishness that is unacceptable.

There is only one answer and it is to help people to understand how they can begin today to create lives that are more purposeful and, subsequently, more joyous. There is still reluctance by many people to open up and talk about the spirit, the soul, and the prominent role it should play in our lives. We can change this – it is hardly an insurmountable problem.

So why do so many people think any mention of spirituality is weird as they begin to squirm in their seats when the topic is broached?

  • They aren’t comfortable opening up and discussing personal beliefs in many cases for fear (and rightly so in some places) that if they share their beliefs, they will be persecuted or discriminated against.
  • Again, some of the New Age ethereal ideas that have been espoused over the years are too “out there” for the mainstream.
  • Since so much of the universe is and always will be a mystery, we’re skeptical, and rightly so.

Having said that, scores of people are now embracing a more mainstream “spirituality” because we know that something has to change — in each of us and in the world.

I intend to make spirituality, fulfillment, and deep-soul joy simpler, easier and more attainable for everyone — not at all weird, abstract, daunting, confusing, or complex. Knowing who you are at the soul-level and then building a life around your true self isn’t an impractical, ethereal goal and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about yourself and your life on this level. This is how the most fulfilled, successful people already live — it’s how we all are intended to live. That is if you want to

  • be deeply happy, fulfilled, and at peace with your life
  • do work (and get paid for it) that you are fantastic at and passionate about
  • express yourself authentically and proudly without any embarrassment about who you really are

So let me tell you what is not weird:

  • Working with great passion and skill in an activity in which you were intended to participate
  • Providing the world with unique services and products that are a direct result of your unique skills and abilities
  • Being paid well for your one of a kind talents and inclinations, the likes of which the world has not seen before
  • Listening to your creative voices (imagination, inspiration, hunch, inkling) as you create anew with a passionate and authentic fervor
  • Thinking and envisioning your future without false ceilings and limits
  • Believing in yourself and experiencing the confidence that naturally emanates when you express innate talents and purpose
  • Being of compassionate service in a way that opens your heart and your eyes to the world around you
  • Experiencing levels of joy that you’ve never before experienced – deep-soul joy
  • Feeling deep gratitude for all that you have, including the opportunity to transition your life in a way that allows you to live with hope, optimism, purpose, and action charged with purposeful momentum

None of these things should be flaky, weird, or awkward to talk about. And I have news for you – all of these things are innately spiritual. This is what Living with Certainty is all about.

Living a life in expression of the authentic you – the Soul-You – is what your life should be all about. Your soul is intended to fulfill a purpose and you will not feel fulfilled until you serve this purpose. It takes introspection and courage to live this way. I call this a life of purposeful authenticity and it is the path to success (however you define that for yourself) and deep-soul joy. To work in a profession that fulfills your purpose is by its very nature innately spiritual.

What is spirituality but a respect and reverence for your soul? And how can you best respect your soul? By listening to it through stillness and meditation and then living in alignment with its messages, the things that make you feel authentic, good, joyous, and purposeful. It’s really quite simple, yet we have made it oh-so difficult.

I am going to change the dialogue around spirituality and success. Who wants to join me?

Kristi LeBlanc