“Imagine an ox’s yoke adrift / On the vast ocean and a turtle
Happening to poke its head / Through the hole—
This is how rare / And extraordinary it is to
Be born a human being.”
—Kunkhyen Longchen Rabjam

GRATITUDE DOESN’T REQUIRE a particular faith or religious practice, but just simple feelings of genuine thankfulness for who you are, what you have, and where you are in your life. Gratitude is an act of integrity without negativity, judgment, or static. It is a loving mindset and perspective. It has been well documented that an attitude of gratitude lends itself to better overall mental and physical health.

Living with a heart full of gratitude, generosity, and joy creates a full life—one of constant blessings and grace. Gratitude changes your energy. As you express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the universe, you create an optimal vibration that aligns with Source energy and, in turn, attracts more blessings, grace, and abundance into your life. Your goal must be to double-triplequadruple the amount of time you have spent in your life up until now in a state of heartfelt gratitude. It is astounding how the consistent vibration of energy at this high frequency level can transform your life. When times are tough, or you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, transcend the moment by giving heartfelt thanks for some other aspect of your life. This simple act changes your mindset while purifying and heightening your energy.

The energy of gratitude and love are as close as humans can get to Source energy. Gratitude is a direct exchange of love and thankfulness between you and the universe, and is an essential aspect of Living with Certainty. By being thankful to the universe for what you have and what you are about to receive, you acknowledge your unwavering faith that something out there is working out of pure love on your behalf.

Use your first waking moments each day to be thankful for your breath and your life. Use this time to vibrate the high frequency energies that you intend to fill your day. Don’t squander this brief and essential time by jumping into thinking, planning, and worrying about mundane activities. There will always be time for that. Instead, meet the new day with a fresh, blank slate of gratitude-laden, highvibrational energy emanating from the sweet clarity with which you awaken.

Up until now you may have taken your life’s difficult circumstances into consideration and felt that you have little for which to be grateful. However, if you are truly to transition your mind and your life through Living with Certainty, you must spend as much of your time as possible in the high-vibrational state of gratitude. Quite simply, not appreciating your life is devaluing it. Remain cognizant every day of the big and little things that make you smile, lighten your load, teach you a lesson, or bring a fleeting feeling of joy. The only way to make gratitude a fundamental aspect of your being is to heighten your awareness and develop the habit of expressing thanks for your life in its entirety, just as it exists today.

No matter how bad you may think your circumstances are, someone always has it worse than you, and life can be taken from you in the blink of an eye. Anything this fragile and fleeting must be cared for, revered, and appreciated. The more you accept and internalize this fact, the more gratitude you will express for who you are and what you have today.

There are many things to be grateful for—the smiles and greetings of strangers; books and music; the warm afternoon sun; the renewal and safety of last night’s sleep; the warmth of your fireplace; the magnificence of a ripe, summer peach; the shade of a tree on a hot day; pure drinking water; your child’s safety; the love of friends; the walk you took through the park; the hummingbird that fluttered by your hanging pot; the learning that came from a difficult circumstance; freedom; and so on. As simple as some of these things are, never take them for granted. Millions of people around the world do not have the most basic of these things.