Kristi LeBlanc is the Creator and CEO of Living with Certainty™ LLC, a highly-developed philosophy and system that cultivates experience of greater meaning and purpose, and facilitates positive energy and attitude, motivation, inspiration, authenticity, emotional resilience, hope, and joy – in individuals, leaders, and organizational cultures.  Living with Certainty™ has both individual/personal and business/professional applications, providing powerful, positive strategies for life and career.  Kristi is also a keynote speaker/corporate workshop facilitator, organizational consultant, cancer survivor, and author of the award-winning book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.

Kristi has spent the past fourteen years as a successful senior partner, global practice leader, and member of the operating committee with the world’s largest, most prestigious retained executive search firms, including Korn/Ferry International and DHR International.  She has worked for clients ranging in size from leading Fortune 500 multi-national organizations to mid-cap companies and smaller, emerging ventures.  Kristi has acquired substantial life success expertise through assessing, advising, and interviewing thousands of the world’s most successful, principled executives which led to the development of the Living with Certainty philosophy.  She has been extensively interviewed and published as an industry thought leader on leadership and human capital, and also contributed to the textbook, Integrated Business Communication: In the Marketplace published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  Kristi is a recipient of the Industry Leader Award from The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Women in Business Awards, and Minnesota Business magazine showcased her as a Minnesota business ‘Power Player.’  She graduated with honors from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.  Kristi lives in Denver, CO, with her husband and three children.

Bring Passion and a Fresh Perspective to Your Next Event that will Leave Your Audience Enlightened, Inspired, and Motivated

Events featuring Kristi LeBlanc as the keynote speaker or workshop facilitator are truly special events.  Kristi’s credible, charismatic, insightful, inspiring, interactive, and candid approach provides an unforgettable audience experience.  With a wealth of personal and professional experience, Kristi promotes living pure, positive, purposeful lives of internal certainty and profound joy through discovering our deepest authenticity, passion, inspiration, and callings.  Her popularity as a motivational speaker is growing because Kristi is well-known for delivering priceless information, including her ground-breaking, award-winning life success course of action; and, she always provides the audience with actionable tools and takeaways.

What Types of Organizations Can Benefit from the Living with Certainty Presentations?

There is a high need within organizations of all sizes and industries for help with creating positivity.  Reorganization, downsizing, leadership changes, reduced sales, added responsibility, and salary/incentive pay freezes and reductions have taken a toll on employee morale.  Add to this in many organizations, a younger workforce who views the world through a different lens, possibly bringing forth a different set of values.  Generally speaking, the world is increasingly full of challenges, disagreement, turmoil, and a lack of civility, with many individuals ready and willing to push the attitudes and rhetoric evermore toward the negative.  The efforts of Living with Certainty™ LLC are specifically targeted at counteracting this organizational slide. 

The following types of organizations can benefit from the Living with Certainty™ presentations and workshops:

  • Healthy public, private, or non-profit organizations looking to further energize their leadership team and employee base with an infusion of pure, positive, productive, and profound positivity
  • Organizations seeking to deepen their relationship with customers through the extension of overt positivity, purpose, and passion in each interaction
  • Organizations seeking to stem the tide of high employee turnover, and deepen the passion and commitment employees feel toward the organization, colleagues, and customers
  • Organizations that have undergone a change in senior leadership and are seeking to initiate a new, more positive, productive culture
  • Organizations that have undergone reorganization and downsizing and now need to re-establish more positive cultural footing
  • Organizations whose employees are burned out and in need of rejuvenation, motivation, inspiration, and launch of a new day after assuming combined roles/additional duties during downsizings and restructurings
  • Organizations that understand the business imperative of proactively shifting away from negative, fear-based, politically-charged cultures
  • Organizations with sales teams and customer-facing employees in need of rejuvenation and motivation, and who need to learn how to project greater, authentic positivity in customer interactions
  • Organizations who need their organizational story reframed through a lens of positivity to more productively and positively impact employees, customers, and communities
  • Non-Profit organizations that have experienced a challenging and frustrating couple years and could benefit from an inspirational reminder of the big picture and an infusion of the core values of service, compassion, generosity, altruism, and positivity, among others

Based On the Award-Winning Book: Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy


Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy was named

- “Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010″ by the USA Book News Best Books Awards  
- “Best Self-Help Book 2011 by the North American Bookdealers Exchange Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards

Representative Endorsements

“When you are ready (and I mean really ready) to finally stop playing all those ultimately useless surface, societal games and to start listening to and living from your heart with purpose and authenticity in this one precious life that you have, then Kristi LeBlanc’s Living with Certainty just might open the portal that sets you free!”
PATRICE KARST, Author of Back to the Garden, God Made Easy, The Invisible String, The Smile that Went Around the World, The Single Mother’s Survival Guide

“In Living with Certainty, author Kristi LeBlanc provides readers with what I see as a “Lifetime Workshop.” Filled with insight and practical instruction, Living with Certainty can make you think and help you commit to life-enhancing changes, while lending a helping hand along the way.  The author’s 65 Energy Enablers, alone, are worth the price of the book.”
SUE PATTON THOELE, author of The Courage To Be Yourself and The Mindful Woman

“With dedicated attention to detail as well as an inspirational perspective of the big picture, LeBlanc outlines the keys of authenticity, spirituality, and discovery.  Find out what Deep-Soul Joy requires, waylay the “purpose preventers” in your life, and determine what could be holding you back from taking your place in the world.  Most important, as the title of Part II states, you are set on the path of ‘Discovering the Life the Universe Always Intended for You to Live.’ ”
SCIENCE OF MIND: A Guide for Spiritual Living, January 2011

Book Description

Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy provides a groundbreaking blueprint for changing how you view the meaning of life, your possibilities, and the world.  Filled with practical insight and powerful wisdom, it will empower you to discover your most authentic self, believe in the power of your unique gifts, uncover your true purpose and passions, find peace and internal certainty, and understand how to follow your innate inner guidance to bring forth and experience your life’s richness and fulfillment.  Once and for all, overcome the anxieties and fears that may be holding you back from living your fullest and best life — a life of deep-soul joy.

Kristi LeBlanc, has had thousands of conversations with the globe’s top executive talent which led to the development of Living with Certainty™.  A shared characteristic of the most joyous, fulfilled executives was their ability to live passionate and purposeful lives from a pure, positive, and purposeful personal energy state.  At the core of Living with Certainty™ is a multi-faceted, total-life approach and set of positive life and career strategies that include 65 Energy Enablers — practical, actionable tips, tools, and advice — to help you close the gap between core success/positivity/passion/joy principles and you/your organization’s everyday actions and applications.  Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy is a complete and practical blue-print for living with the deepest positivity, purpose, fulfillment, and self-actualization.

Keynote Speeches, Professional Advancement Workshops & Personal Development Seminars that Can and Do Change Lives

“Kristi is one of the most authentic, credible, and empathetic presenters I have ever heard.  I felt connected with her and her message at a deep level that was extraordinarily thought provoking for me.  Her clear, personal, and practical presentation of the subject matter provided me with valuable takeaways and tools that I have completely incorporated into my life.” 
– 2010 Seminar Participant

Kristi LeBlanc’s presentations are customized to your audience/event in terms of length, content, nuances, needs, and objectives of your organization, including:

  • 45 minute keynote
  • 90 minute keynote/interactive seminar
  • Half-day interactive seminar/workshop format
  • Full-day interactive seminar/workshop format 

The Seminars

Note: The core concepts of Living with Certainty™ – living and working with optimal energy through tapping into our innate (yet all too often untapped) stores of peace, purpose, fulfillment, joy, love, compassion, faith, hope, positivity, gratitude, passion, generosity, awareness, and desire to serve — are not religion-based, nor do they in any way conflict with specific religious beliefs (or non-beliefs).

Graduate…to Live with Certainty: Commencement Speech
In a fundamentally uncertain external world, what does it mean to “live with certainty”? It means that you’re living your daily life with levels of purpose, passion, authenticity, positivity, faith, and joy that provide greater power and influence over your mental state, belief system, and actions than do your fears and anxieties.

In this inspirational speech tailored to awaken each graduate to the all-important impact of having an intrinsic faith in one’s own abilities and a clear, positive vision of their future, Kristi LeBlanc explains how they can steadfastly move forward now – irrespective of market conditions – to begin to discover and create their most fulfilling, passionate, and joyous lives. She explains how, through Living with Certainty, we can leverage our unique gifts, creative abilities, talents, and predilections to seize the opportunity – even in this down market — to serve and create in ways that may never have been possible before.

By allowing our passions to lead us to our purpose, we empower something bigger than our thoughts, fears, and anxieties to galvanize and guide our actions. This is how we begin to live with profound internal certainty and a level of joy we may never have previously experienced, or even thought possible. 

Every new graduate should have the opportunity to launch the next chapter of his or her life fueled by the power of this uplifting speech that provides the formula for creating a life of lasting fulfillment and success by any measure.  

Audiences: Commencement Speech for Academic/Higher Education Graduation Ceremonies

Through Thousands of Conversations: One Executive Recruiter’s Perspective on the Pure Energy of Success
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the “Golden Touch?” Why most everything they do seems to work out seamlessly? After interviewing and assessing thousands of world-class individuals from a wide variety of fields, Kristi discovered that the most purposeful, joyful, and fulfilled executives live with purposeful authenticity and with the purest, most positive internal energy levels….they Live with Certainty™.

Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy reveals the blueprint, or success formula, for living every day with positivity and from the highest possible internal energy level, thus creating the deepest levels of joy, fulfillment, peace, and personal success. The most successful individuals possess traits, habits, and ways of approaching their life and work that separate them from the rest of the pack.

Living with Certainty provides a practical, replicable formula for creating a level of joy and success in your life that you may never have imagined possible for yourself. This is a motivating and inspiring keynote in which Kristi shares her groundbreaking insights regarding the Pure Energy of Success. She provides the prescription for what is required to discover and leverage your best self, irrespective of your specific vocation. These are the powerful pearls of wisdom that will inspire you to take the action to live your very best life.

Audiences: Building Positive Culture, Fostering Employee Engagement, Human Capital Development, Enhancing Leadership, Inspiring Sales Performance, Improving Customer Service, Personal Development

The Living with Certainty™ Energy Enablers: The Pure, High Energy of Purposefully Authentic Leadership
One of Kristi’s most inspiring presentations outlines how your authenticity, purpose, and passions are intended to be utilized and leveraged in your vocation, and how in turn the organization will benefit from this level of inspired employee effort. Drawing on her personal experience as a Senior Partner with several of the most respected, global executive search firms, Kristi will reveal the benefits of aligning your personal purpose, mission, values, and passions with those of your organization. This is a presentation that weighs heavy on the culture creation that fosters the fullest levels of employee motivation and engagement.

Industry leaders take the time and effort to ensure alignment between the missions and passions of their managers/leaders and those of their direct reports and employees. Kristi discusses the impact that your personal approach, including your energy-level, demeanor, choices, values, and priorities, has on you and your (employee) relationships. She describes how the Living with Certainty Energy Enablers can powerfully impact your Thoughts, Actions, Beliefs, Relationships, and Gratitude, thus enhancing your performance, credibility, and leadership abilities.

Kristi describes for participants how the Living with Certainty approach, in full concert with the Energy Enablers, provides a blueprint for discovering your deepest authenticity, purpose, and passions, infusing you with belief, personal power, and confidence, and creating your best life. The Energy Enablers can also be extremely impactful in developing your team and your organization’s bench-strength.

Audiences: Conferences, Not-For-Profit and Association Events, Higher Education/Educators, Organizations Committed to Leveraging Employee Passion, Personal Development Seminars, Organizations Desirous of Cutting Edge Approaches to Team-Building, Leadership, and Employee Engagement

The Business Impact of Passion and Spirit
Learn how some of the most successful, purposeful, charismatic, and effective executives have utilized their inner spirit and passion to make manifest extraordinary personal, employee, and organizational success. These extraordinary executives possess an unrelenting passion for exploring and leveraging their purposeful authenticity and unique talents which has time and again proven to lead directly to one-of-a-kind inspiration, innovation, and outstanding results.

Kristi draws upon first-hand knowledge and experiences, provides insight into how to unleash your creative abilities, and reflects upon how the Energy Enablers are utilized by some of the most powerful, purposeful executives in the world. The audience will leave inspired to live and lead with their own spirit and passion.

Audiences: Organizations that Foster Innovation, Business Conferences, Personal Development Seminars

Purpose, Passion, and Energy-Infused Sales
This motivational, out-of-the-box presentation for your sales team focuses on how to work and sell with optimal positivity and at the highest personal energy levels by utilizing the Energy Enablers and aligning your purposeful authenticity with your organization and your clients. This approach has proven to lead to the development of genuine, trust-based, long-term relationships resulting in long-term contracts.

Audiences: Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Meetings          

10 Rules to Inspire, Authenticate and Energize Your Life, Vocation, and Relationships
Kristi LeBlanc presents a powerful, practical blueprint for overcoming everyday hurdles and stumbling blocks as you remain in a positive, pure, high-energy mindset, enabling you and those around you to ride the positive flow of energy. No individual, company, or team is immune to experiencing — and becoming sidetracked by — life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Kristi presents 10 core tenets for overcoming challenges and hardships in a way that inspires and energizes you to enhance the goodness and success in your life. Executives charged with energizing their employees and building high-performance cultures, along with individuals looking to enhance their perspective, passion, and productivity, will find this seminar to be a direct link to a more fulfilling, purposeful, and joyous life and career.

Audiences: Building Positive Culture, Fostering Employee Engagement, Human Capital Development, Enhancing Leadership, Inspiring Sales Performance, Improving Customer Service

Committed to Keeping It Positive: Developing Internal Certainty in Fundamentally Uncertain External Times
Pessimism, negative rhetoric, and a general lack of civility seem to be proliferating no matter where you go. This is due in part to the economic recession and the accompanying fast rate of change and external uncertainty. Now more than ever, change and uncertainty are a part of daily work and life. Employees caught up in waves of panic and pessimism can throw-up their hands and lose their edge. However, we all have more control to Live with Certainty than we realize.

In this up to the minute talk, Kristi describes how Living with Certainty prescribes an effective means of addressing one of the most significant challenges today for organizations: pessimism, negativity and a general lack of civility. Their financial cost to organizations is exorbitant, not to mention their detrimental effect on the organizational morale, culture, and effectiveness.

In this inspirational seminar, Kristi presents a proven blueprint chock full of tips and strategies that will help you and your team live and work with internal certainty during extremely uncertain external times. Kristi reveals practical, actionable, and innovative ideas, tactics, and solutions for cultivating positivity and optimism throughout your organization’s ranks, helping it to transform from spiraling negativity to thriving.

Audiences: Building Positive Culture, Fostering Employee Engagement, Human Capital Development, Enhancing Leadership, Inspiring Sales Performance, Improving Customer Service

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