To begin your Living with Certainty journey, you must first consider and embrace certain ideas. For example, humans are first and foremost souls, which are the essence of our physical beings—who we really are. Our souls enter into Earthly physicality in order to express our purposeful authenticity and experience deep-soul joy. Within us already dwells the requisite power and resources for an extraordinarily fulfilled existence.

We’re hardwired with an internal instruction system that serves to guide us in alignment with our inspired soul-view through instinct, feeling, and intuition. Signs, signals, symbols, and synchronicities are communication from Source energy that grace us with guidance.

This all-encompassing, powerful, unseen energy plane surrounds us and allows us to co-create our Earthly lives. Our actions, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts create energetic vibrations that interact with, and respond to, Source energy. Through heightened awareness and diligence we can align with this flow. Without question, you possess the power to co-create the life the universe always intended for you
to live in tandem with Source energy. Source energy loves you and awaits your individual connection.

If you’ve read Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy or have heard me speak, you know how strongly I feel that we all need to live with heightened awareness if we are to truly understand, receive and leverage the grace — and riches — that flow in and out of our lives every day through signs, signals, symbols, and synchronicities. Without awareness, we miss this important guidance that surely can help us to co-create our very best lives.

While some dismiss synchronicity as coincidence, I see it as grace. And when a synchronous event happens to me on what may on the surface appear to be a mundane — even ‘not great’ — day, I am reminded that every day that we receive the opportunity to be alive is a great day– a gift — indeed.

Today, I was out and about running errands with my husband. I had in my mind that I had only a specific amount of time to accomplish a half-dozen things, one of which was to stop at an optical store to see if by chance a pair of prescription sunglasses that should have arrived a week ago were available for pickup. The store never called me to explain the delay or to say that were in, but I just decided that I would stop by since I was in the neighborhood, and I was feeling like they were there. I was planning to be at the store when they opened at 10am to avoid any wait, but my husband took me on an unexpected detour to look at a house for sale in our neighborhood which took me off my intended schedule.

When I finally arrived at the optical store, the only person in the store was the technician who was busy working on adjusting a pair of frames. I told him my sunglasses were overdue. He checked and could not find them, and was about to send me on my way, when I noticed that the glasses he’d been working on when I walked in looked like the pair I had ordered. Laying on the counter in front of me, was my open file, receipt, and glasses…adjusted, cleaned, ready and waiting to be picked up.

Now while this may not on the surface seem like a particularly earth shaking event, this is a very busy optical store that is always quite fastidious about calling to let you know when your glasses are in, but they had not called and the glasses should have been in a week ago. I had intended to be at the store about 45 minutes earlier when the technician would not have had my glasses in front of him.

The universe obviously can’t speak to us verbally, but subtly it sends us messages all the time if we are aware enough to receive them. I believe that anytime we receive universal affirmation and guidance is, in fact, an earth shaking event. Through today’s synchronous event, I was affirmed that I am aligned with the flow of my spiritual power frequency — that everthing that is happening in my life right now is as it should be…and I am loved. That’s pretty special. Stay aware.

I am a big believer in the power and guidance we receive — when we live with awareness — through signs, signals symbols, and especially synchronicity. I always live with great intention to be positive and to remain aware — it is a way of life for me. But I had an instance of synchronicity the other day that practically took my breath away. I see this as evidence — affirmation — that I am in my intended flow, that everything that is happening in my life serves a purpose (whether I always like it or not).
I have a daughter in first grade. Recently I had placed on the family whiteboard calendar (as well as on my Outlook calendar and my notebook calendar and… ) that this past Wednesday was an “early release” day from school when the students are dismissed at 12:25pm. I told my daughter on Tuesday and Wednesday that it was an early release day and we’d be picking her up early. My husband and I had an appointment that morning, so at 12:25pm we approached the school, but there wasn’t a bus or car in sight. Clearly, it was not an early release day. However, my ever-supportive and dutiful husband – who has great faith in my normal high competency level – parked and went into the school to see if we just had the time wrong.
As he walked into the school front office, the secretary looked up and said to him, “I’ve been trying to call you.” He responded, “You’ve been trying to call me?” “Yes,” she said. Before she could say anything else, my husband repeated, “Wait — you were trying to call me?” The secretary went on to explain that my daughter had just been hit in the head rather hard with a rock thrown by another student and was in the nurse’s office. She was conscious, but in pain, upset, and holding an icepack on her head. As I waited in the car, I wondered what was taking so long. Suddenly they both emerged from the school, my daughter with icepack on head and over the moon that we appeared out of seemingly no where to help her.

And, just like that, we were there to provide comfort and reassurance at the exact right moment to this brightest light in our lives.

When I went home and checked the school calendar, oddly enough there was no mention at all of an early release day in March. It’s unusual for me to get something like this so wrong. However, with the help of a power far greater than me, we got it really right that day.

Serendipity, synchronicity…call it what you may. But it was far more than coincidence. And I am very grateful for it.

Are you living with a high enough level of awareness to notice this kind of grace in your life when it appears?