Book Excerpt from Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy by Kristi LeBlanc – Introduction – Pages xiv – xvi

I’ve learned much about spirituality throughout my career in business consulting. You may think business and spirituality to be a strange combination. However, our careers are an intrinsic part of our lives, and should be interconnected with our essence. To take this concept a step further, our livelihoods should be aligned with our soul’s Earthly purpose if we’re to experience lasting joy and fulfillment. Your occupation was never intended to be solely a paycheck, or an avenue to power or prominence. Certainly, you don’t want to spend your days toiling away at an activity you dislike. No one does. Rather, your life’s work should be an expression of purposeful authenticity that allows you to experience personal joy, growth, and enlightenment while also serving the universe in an inimitable way. Your work takes up most of your waking hours, so it’s essential that you spend your time expressing your natural passions and aptitudes.

Through thousands of conversations, I consistently observed vast differences in people relative to feelings of success and failure, joy and pain, and fulfillment and frustration. Who am I? … What do I really have to offer? … How can I get more joy and satisfaction from my job? … Why isn’t this working for me? … What should I really be doing? … How can I make a more significant contribution? How can I make more money? To my surprise, while roughly half of the individuals I met were extremely content, purpose-driven, and fulfilled, the other half with similar wealth and positional power were completely disenchanted and distraught over their career and life paths. Although the majority of these executives were equally polished and accomplished, the truly fulfilled and passionate people had a higher level of energy, originality, enthusiasm, and spark.

By studying these outwardly successful people, the following points became obvious: 1) success is relative and you must define what it means to you, never accepting someone else’s definition, and 2) your personal sense of achievement and success comes only from the extent to which you experience joy and fulfillment in your life. Over time, I discovered that the essential difference was that the fulfilled individuals were expressing and satisfying their soul’s purpose and authenticity. They innately knew how to empower themselves through the daily—and even moment-to-moment—application of enlightened life skills that supported the expression of their purposeful authenticity. This naturally led to the experience of their deep-soul joy.

It became clear to me that we must all begin more deeply contemplating our lives and how we spend our time. We must consciously choose our “work” only after much deliberation, discussion, and thought from a far broader and deeper perspective than our current process. Over time, I developed my Living with Certainty philosophy and began to share with others this practical spiritual solution to daily life, including career management, with the goal of simplifying the achievement of purposeful authenticity, fulfillment, and deep-soul joy.

Even if you choose for one reason or another not to have a career, you must decide how you are going to express your purposeful authenticity. It is our work—including parenting, hobbies, and service— that allows us to express our Earthly purpose and to experience self-actualization. If the word “work” carries a negative connotation for you, it’s a sure sign that you’ve not yet aligned your work with your soul’s Earthly purpose. You cannot be at your happiest and most fulfilled when your work requires that you leave behind your joy, authenticity, creativity, and talents. When you figure out how to articulate your purposeful authenticity in your work, you’re expressing the aspect of your self and soul that is intended to be developed, shared, and explored in your Earthly life. Further, you are naturally contributing in uniquely original and purposeful ways that allow you to experience a purposeful, fulfilling, and joyous life path—the life the universe always intended for you to live.

Exploring Your Self and Soul

While life in our universe is indubitably mysterious and profound, it’s clear to me that our Earthly journeys are intended for exploring ourselves and our souls, not merely for accumulating possessions, or being perpetually battered as if living through a torrential storm. Your life’s adventure should unquestionably include discovering your various dimensions, including your purpose, potentiality, and passions. The essential first step is to open your mind and awareness to the notion that you are spirit as well as mind and body, and to initiate the revelation of your inspired soul-view. This is the 360-degree, panoramic view of the life your soul entered into Earthly physicality to experience. Think of it as the profound, unspoken, innermost inspiration that fills your awareness with authenticity, inspiration, and purpose. Your direction for full participation in a life that expresses your purposeful authenticity will become clear. You can and will create profound and joyful change in your life.


I am often asked about the sources of my inspiration, as well as for additional books (besides Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy) that can provide training and support as you undertake living a life of positive, uplifting energy and belief. The following list is a great start!

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Here’s an example of someone whose life was transformed when she discovered her purposeful authenticity. A senior vice president of a multi-billion dollar, global company told me that as a child she had always had a nagging sense of unrest and anxiety, but she distracted herself by being a top student and athlete. She followed in the footsteps of her Ivy-league educated father because she wanted to be able to afford the same lavish lifestyle to which she had grown accustomed. This path was also expected of her so she felt she really had no choice in the matter.

She took great pride in being the ideal daughter, student and now corporate executive. Still, over the years the nagging sense of unrest and anxiety never left her. She diverted her attention by becoming a workaholic. She owned the best cars, clothes, jewelry, and homes — material success and status symbols were of the utmost importance to her. Then one day she was at a week-long corporate retreat when the high-profile author and speaker leading the seminar signaled her out of the crowd and asked her what she stood for and who she was outside of her corporate titles and accomplishments. She found herself at a loss for words. She did not have an answer because she had worked so hard and so fast for so long that her only identity had become that of her title and position within the company.

This one question sent her life into a tailspin as she awakened to the reality that she didn’t know who she was anymore. She did know immediately, however, that she wanted to change her life.

After almost a year of soul-searching, meditation, prayer, examining long-held beliefs and Living with Certainty, she resigned from corporate America and spent six-months traveling the world. When she returned home, she knew what she needed to do to finally set free, as she put it, the nagging sense of unrest and anxiety that she had experienced her entire life.

Her greatest gift in life is oil painting — her vivid re-creations of her family members and seascapes were truly her life’s proudest accomplishments.  As a child, while her artistic abilities were appreciated, they were not encouraged as a proper career. She decided that she was finally going to live a life that allowed her to share and express this innate artistic ability. Today she has a booming business and gallery in which the focus of her artwork is primarily children, families, and seascapes. Looking back at her accomplished corporate career, she says that she never once experienced the authenticity, depth, fulfillment and involvedness that she now experiences every day. She knows that part of the angst she experienced throughout her entire life was caused by her soul aching for this missing dimension. She now knows the profound depth and meaning of living with purposeful authenticity and deep-soul joy.

Today is a big day for me — Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy is officially released! As you might imagine, this day represents a significant milestone in my life. It represents the culmination and intersection of most every significant aspect of my life, including having thousands of conversations and interviews with executives, reading hundreds of books ranging from leadership to spirituality, and following a deep calling, overwhelming passion, and instinct. Most of all, though, this book is the tangible result of my own personal journey of “living with certainty.” Every aspect of this book represents how I try to live my life on a daily basis.

Is it hard to live this way — with certainty? Not at all — this is how we were meant to live. Does it take effort and discipline? Yes!  I face the same Earthly and ego challenges as everyone else, but I consistently follow my passion, listen to my internal instruction system, and, above all, I live with purposeful authenticity. My life truly is one of deep-soul joy, love, and abundance. I was meant to write this book; I was meant to communicate this message to the world. Of that, I am certain.

Don’t get me wrong; this was not an easy undertaking. I have three small children and am unwaveringly committed to spending considerable quality time with them every single day. I work and “work out” five days a week and also make time daily to spend with my husband, my best friend. Despite the madness, this book had to be written. Early mornings, late nights, every weekend — whenever there was an opening, I seized upon it and wrote as efficiently as possible. Besides having 100% unwavering commitment to seeing this project through to completion, I also had amazing family support.

This is the beginning of a new life for me. My deepest hope is that Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy makes a positive difference in your life, thereby making a difference in the world. The world needs more people who stand for something good. What can you do support this lofty undertaking, you may ask:

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What have you been longing to do, but keep putting off? If you feel a burning desire to do something, wait no longer. Be bold, be passionate, and be productive. Move yourself forward – even in small ways – every single day and you can and will accomplish big things. Don’t let naysayers, overbearing co-workers, family members, nasty neighbors, or anyone else get you down, get in your way, or take you off-track. This is your one chance to make your mark, to carve out your legacy. Grab ahold every day and make it happen. You can make a difference in people’s lives while exponentially increasing your own peace, fulfillment, and deep-soul joy. Go forward and live with certainty! xo

I can’t even begin to count the times I have discussed with people the power and importance of meditation only to hear the same old thing: “I can’t do it. I’ve tried and I just can’t turn my brain off.” Well, welcome to the world of meditation and monkey mind. Everyone initially faces the same hurdles, but over time the practice becomes easier. And the positive effects are immediate. Regardless of who or where you are, the fact is that as you meditate you begin to uncover your essence. Period.

Meditation is the essential, essence-unveiling practice that you should incorporate into your life – for the rest of your life. During short periods when I have stopped meditating, I noticed that I quickly lost my baseline and became more prone to emotional responses, anger, stress, and knee-jerk reactions. I now know that meditation is the essential practice that allows me to view my life through a spiritual lens and as an objective observer as it slows me down, heightens my awareness, enables greater compassion, and allows me to be more contemplative.

I look forward all day to my meditation practice which is the foundation of  my spiritual efforts and the primary means by which I remain in alignment with Source energy and live from my inspired soul-view. My practice typically takes place at the same time and place every day and is the time when I can finally exhale, surrender, and just be. The benefits for me have been extraordinary. Almost immediately I noticed that I was experiencing much less anxiety; lifelong patterns and conditioning that were limiting me were weakened. This time of communion with my inspired soul-view led me to transition out of a particularly stressful circumstance which has allowed me to transform and enrich my entire life.

Fortunately, the practice came easily for me; however, I have many friends who struggle with it as they claim they are simply unable to still and quiet themselves. If you find this to be the case, I strongly suggest that you search for a qualified meditation instructor.

Meditation has taken me to a place of essence so deep within myself that when my session ends, for several minutes I sometimes feel like a completely different person than the often frazzled, working mom I was just 20-40 minutes prior. During my sessions, without fail, my sense of self becomes one of interconnectivity and compassion as I grasp the vastness of the universe and experience my soul in glimpses and glimmers. I know now that much of the restlessness I have previously experienced in my life was my soul longing to be nurtured, express itself, and experience a deeper, sustained connection with my physical, Earthly life. My spiritual journey has been a step by step process. Once I began to pray, the door was cracked opened; once I began to meditate, the door swung wide open allowing me to further know and experience prolonged periods of connection, compassion, enlightenment, peace, and joy. As I focused on these things and made them a priority, the transformation in my life was nothing short of remarkable. Meditation has empowered me to focus and feel in my life in a way that I could not have previously – it has allowed me to live with certainty. It can and will do the same for you.

Go forth and Live with Certainty! xo