Video & Blog: CJ’s Daily Blessings – A 5-Year Old’s Gratitude

Several months ago, my husband and I decided to begin further reinforcing to our three young children the importance of gratitude throughout our daily lives. My husband began saying a blessing before all of our family meals which usually includes dinner, and sometimes breakfast. After about three days of Daddy saying the blessing, he asked the kids if they would like to also talk about what they are grateful for. After my daugher gave a quick thanks for chocolate and artichokes, my five year old son, CJ, decided that this was a matter that deserved far more respect than his sister had shown and he informed us that he would like to be “the one” giving the nightly blessing. Since that time, CJ has given the family blessing at dinner almost every single night.

What follows is the transcript of one of his blessings. This kid clearly has a gift, and it is absolutely meant to be shared. He further reminds me daily of the essential importance of taking a second out of the chaos of our lives to stop, reflect, give thanks, celebrate, and share. I am going to begin posting recordings of CJ’s blessings…his light is shining brightly and deserves to be shared.

“Thank you, God, that I got kisses and hugs when I woke up and that my family loves me. Thank you for this good, hot food. Thank you for following us wherever we go. Thank you for our wonderful trips in the woods. Thank you that I have a house to protect me. Thank you that I have everything I need in my heart and that everything doesn’t go wrong. Thank you that I have a sister and brother who love me and who play with me. Thank you that our trees grow well, and that I grow well. Thank you that my heart blasts with love. Thank you for the niceness that is all around me…kisses and hugs. Thank you that I have a dog to protect me. Thank you that I have wonderful places to go in the summer. Thank you that my mom and dad never get hurt. Thank you that there are butterflies in the summer. Thank you that the sun shines warmly down on us.”  Chase James “CJ” LeBlanc, July 2011

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