Kristi LeBlanc: A College – University Speaker with a Fresh, Inspirational Message for Today’s Students

Today’s college students — perhaps like no other generation — must learn how to develop and live with internal certainty in these most challenging and uncertain times.  

Kristi LeBlanc’s accomplishments include:

- Senior Partner, Global Practice Leader, and Member of the Operating Committee with the world’s largest, most prestigious retained executive search firms, including Korn/Ferry International
- Author of the triple Award-Winning Book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy
- Contributor to the College Textbook, Integrated Business Communication: In a Global Marketplace (John Wiley & Sons Ltd.)
- Ovarian Cancer Survivor
- Guest on Dozens of Radio Shows
- Recipient of the Industry Leader Award from The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Women in Business Awards
- Showcased by Minnesota Business magazine as a Minnesota business ‘Power Player’
- Graduate of Syracuse University with Honors from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications (B.S.) and. Jefferson Community College (A.S.)  while coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

College-University Speaker with a Fresh, Inspiring Perspective
Kristi LeBlanc is now making the highly-acclaimed and award-winning message of Living with Certainty™ available to colleges around the globe.  Living with Certainty™ is providing the catalyst for a wide array of organizations to begin talking about authenticity, purpose, passion, positivity, empowerment, personal development, and the achievement of greatness in ways that are changing organizations — and lives.

If you are looking for a university or college speaker with a fresh, unique, and highly-credible perspective that can bring profound inspiration, motivation, focus, centeredness, personal development, and connection to your audience, then search no further. Whether you are looking for Kristi to bring inspiration to your school’s orientation, welcome week, leadership program, student recognition and award ceremony programs, senior day and graduation programs, special program or staff development and retreat programs, students will be empowered to look at their lives and their possibilities in new ways.  They will see that fulfilling their dreams is still possible – even in highly uncertain times.  

Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy has received numerous book awards, including:
- “Winner: Spirituality – General” by the 2011 International Book Awards
- “Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010″ by the USA Book News Best Books Awards
- “Best Self-Help Book 2011” by the North American Bookdealers Exchange Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards 

What Students Will Learn
Listeners will learn how to define personal achievement and success for themselves and how to discover the best of themselves.  They will learn practical, doable, and specific ways to move their lives forward and to continue to “lift” themselves ever higher.  They will begin to understand that they can, in fact, begin to transcend limitations that may have, in many instances, been ingrained in them through early, life-long conditioning.  Kristi will also take some of the core, proven, success concepts that some students may consider esoteric and make them seen as not only practical, but essential and “cool.”  Students will have a door opened to their center core in a way that will help them to focus and respect themselves, helping them to avoid and defeat unhealthy, unwise, and/or toxic circumstances, temptations, or relationships.  The Living with Certainty™ programs are to be learned, practiced, and mastered for progressive, purposeful, successful, authentic, and joyful living.  Click here for a video introduction to Living with Certainty™.

Kristi’s Style
Invite Kristi in today as a college or university speaker to empower and inspire your students in a way they may have never imagined.  Kristi’s incredible depth and content-rich wisdom make her a notable, credible college-university speaker who is able to connect with — and inspire — any audience to achieve greatness.

Kristi is charismatic, approachable, credible, and relatable.  Her content is rich, engaging, and inspirational and she uses humorous heartfelt stories to connect with her audiences (but she is not a comedian).  Kristi is an assertive straight-talker who respectfully and playfully interacts with students who are in need of a paradigm shift.  She provides a strong role-model for how to interact with others who hold differing opinions.  Kristi will challenge listeners to be their personal best and to discover the personal power they possess to self-actualize.

Kristi’s purpose is to deeply and profoundly stir and inspire students while fostering peace and cross-cultural connection that connects and quickly penetrates the hearts of listeners.  Her interactive workshops include ample motivation and inspiration in an interactive setting of awakening, brainstorming, innovation, and vision-setting.

About Kristi LeBlanc
Kristi LeBlanc is the founder and President of Living with Certainty™ LLC, as well as a retained executive recruiter, ovarian cancer survivor, speaker/workshop facilitator, consultant, and author of the award-winning book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.  She has spent the past fourteen years as a successful senior partner, global practice leader, and member of the operating committee with several of the world’s largest, most prestigious retained executive search firms, including Korn/Ferry International. Kristi has worked for clients ranging in size from leading Fortune 500 multi-national organizations to mid-cap companies and emerging ventures.  She has acquired substantial life success expertise through assessing, advising, and interviewing thousands of the world’s most successful, principled executives which led to the development of the Living with Certainty™ philosophy.  

Kristi has been extensively interviewed and published as an industry thought leader on leadership and human capital, and also contributed to the college textbook, Integrated Business Communication: In a Global Marketplace published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  Kristi has been featured on dozens of radio shows including WGN Chicago, KYGO Denver, KZSB Santa Barbara, KYHY Burbank, KBIZ Ottumwa, KKZZ Ventura Country, WRHB Orlando, KNWZ Palm Springs, and numerous other stations in Seattle, Baltimore, and Queensland, Australia, among many others.

Kristi is a recipient of the Industry Leader Award from The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Women in Business Awards and Minnesota Business magazine showcased her as a Minnesota business ‘Power Player.’  She has been profiled, featured in, and/or quoted as an expert on leadership and success in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota Business magazine, Twin Cities Business, The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, Nation’s Restaurant News, Food Service News, and other business and trade publications.

Kristi received her Bachelor’s degree with honors from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She persevered despite battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for her entire time at Syracuse.  Kristi is an ovarian cancer survivor, mom to three small children, wife of twenty years, and successful business woman with a joyous, purposeful spirit and lifestyle second to none.

To specifically meet your needs, Kristi creates custom-tailored speeches and interactive workshops which are content-packed and dynamic (for the attention challenged) with the following options:
- 45-, 60- or 90-Minute Keynote Addresses
- Half-Day Interactive Seminar/Workshops
- Full-Day Interactive Seminar/Workshops (split between morning and afternoon sessions)

The Presentations
Click here to view the full list of Living with Certainty™ presentations that can be tailored for your organization’s specific needs and nuances.  

Specifically geared toward college-university audiences, Kristi’s presentation, Living with Certainty in Uncertain Times for Students, is based upon her award-winning book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.  This presentation, available in a keynote address or interactive workshop, is a powerful program that can prevent not only the derailing of students’ college life, but will engage them in their own development and help them to consider their purpose and possibilities in ways that will help them to discover their best selves earlier in life than many people otherwise would.  This presentation is filled with practical insight and powerful wisdom that will empower your audience – even in the most uncertain of times — to discover their purposeful authenticity; live 24-7 from a pure, high energy level; believe in the power of their unique gifts and passions; experience attitudinal healing and emotional resiliency; and find peace and internal certainty.

The Living with Certainty™ in Uncertain Times Workshop for Students provides significant inspiration and motivation and encompass the following important subjects:

- Cultural Diversity, Universal Interconnectivity and Oneness: Challenging Stereotypes, Coming Together and Celebrating Differences to Build Bridges for Your College Life and For a Better World
- Conflict Resolution: How to Get Along with Others in Ways that Create Connection, Open Eyes, Open Doors, and Create Networks
- Peer Pressure and Living With Purposeful Authenticity: Discovering and Embracing the Heart of Yourself  
- Transitions: Embracing Change and Transformation as You Transition from High School to College and from College to Professional Life
- The College-Life Derailers of Temptation and Experimentation: Know When It’s Enough…and Too Much
- Undecided No More: The Importance of Defining a “Purpose Vision” and Goal-Setting in College 
- Dreaming Big and Seeing Past Barriers: The Importance of Faith, Confidence, Hope and Belief
- Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Successful Entrepreneur?
- Respect, Love and Dating: Perspective on Healthy Relationships and Broken Hearts
- Learning to Love and Respect Yourself: Appreciating Every Unique Aspect of ‘You’ and the Lessons Your Life Has Delivered to You
- Emotional and Attitudinal Healing: Understanding Your Emotions When You Miss Home and Haven’t Yet Found Your Place In the World
- Growing and Progressing in the Right Ways: Continually Striving, Stretching, Reaching, and Getting Better in Ways That Impact Your Future Success
- The New Power: Pure, Passionate Positivity for Life and Career
- Defining Characteristics of Exceptional, Authentic, and Positive Professionals

For Parents
- Encouraging and Supporting Your College Student’s Living with Certainty Journey: Being Supportive, Encouraging, and Empowering in Ways that Provide Direction and Make a Difference (and Help You to Survive Empty Nest Syndrome)

Kristi’s heart for humanitarianism is also available to accompany your college or not-for-profit group on global missions to help heal and teach the important, empowering Living with Certainty message of universal interconnectivity, compassion, love, purpose, and peace.

Click here for full reviews and endorsements of Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.

Press Kit and Additional Information
You will find detailed descriptions of other Living with Certainty™ presentations here at my website, along with my full press kit.

Ground-Breaking Blueprint That Can Immediately Enrich the Lives of Your Student Body 
If selected to address your student body, they will receive inspirational concepts presented with a fresh, practical perspective that provides a ground-breaking blueprint for enhancing how individuals view the meaning of their life, their possibilities, and their interconnection with the world.  Kristi will provide a comprehensive social-spiritual blueprint for living with profound internal certainty, developing deep-soul joy, and increasing universal interconnectivity.  Beyond enhancing individual whole-life fulfillment and joy, Kristi also details a powerful approach for creating a more tolerant, compassionate, joyous, and peaceful world.

In today’s fundamentally uncertain external times, the core tenets of Living with Certainty™ – discovering and optimizing your innate life force, spirit, purpose, passion, authenticity, positivity, and joy – are resonating deeply with people, allowing them to not only find relief, but to experience a level of empowerment, peace, and joy that they have never before experienced. 

Contact us here or at 303.997.9328 to find out about booking Kristi for your next event.