The Living with Certainty™ Lifestyle: Taking Interior Decorating to a New Level

The Living with Certainty Lifestyle is not about interior decorating that will simply make your home and garden beautiful, but is instead focused on creating meaningful, high energy environments that feel good through keen awareness and alignment with your senses, as well as with your Internal Instruction System.

As you maintain high-vibrational energy internally, you must also do everything you can externally to support this state. When you are in a high-vibrational environment that is in complete alignment with your senses, it will be palpable and comforting to you.

Whether it is your home living, office, or even your car or clothes, the environmental energy in which you envelop yourself should:

  • Allow for the fullest expression of your authenticity
  • Create within you positive feelings and high-vibrational energy
  • Display your truth
  • Be filled with the energy of love, compassion, and respect
  • Be a place to celebrate the loving relationships in your life and to express gratitude
  • Be filled with items (new and vintage) that carry significant meaning, i.e. they were handed down to you from previous generations, trigger significant, positive memories, provide feelings of connection, and so forth
  • Consistently remind you of your global interconnectivity, including with nature
  • Create feelings of peace and security
  • Be a safe place for you to rest, restore, and rejuvenate
  • Harmonize and align with your inspired soul-view
  • Be free of dark, heavy, stagnant energy, allowing you to experience humor and lightheartedness
  • Inspire and support your efforts to create a life of purposeful authenticity
  • Reflect your ancestry and roots
  • Foster and optimize your ongoing positive development and growth

“Positive Plug-Ins” and “Energy Enablers” For Home Living and Working Environments

To the greatest extent possible, your home living and working environments should be shrines to your Living with Certainty efforts, filled with Energy Enablers and “Power Plug-Ins,” those people and/or items you plug into throughout your day for a boost that encourages and supports authentic, high-vibrational states.

Your days should be peppered with Power Plug-ins that constantly surround you with moments and treasures that trigger in you special, joyous, and high-vibrational feelings. Power Plug-ins complement your Energy Enablers and may include anything that positively affects your senses and makes you feel fabulous – a scent or aroma, a special song, a taste, time in stillness, silence, and/or meditation, and so on. Little luxuries and pleasures contribute much to living with certainty and enjoying life to the utmost.

Living with Certainty will help you with this. Kristi’s Blog will quickly and painlessly teach you to surround yourself with high-vibrational energy in every aspect of your life. This is the Living with Certainty Lifestyle. Check back frequently for updates!

De-clutter: The First Step to Creating High-Energy Environments

You must begin the process of creating meaningful, high-energy environments by starting with a clean slate. It is essential that you reduce static in your surroundings in order to be more in touch with your senses.

Conduct an energy exploration of your environment using your senses. You are equipped to do this, but first may have to strip your environment of anything that is sapping its energy. Clean the slate so you can prepare for the next phase of layering in color, meaningful items, aromas, aspects of nature, etc.

This approach applies to your closet, office, attic, garage, under the beds – wherever there is clutter. As a first step, this action will set you on the course of providing your unneeded/unused items to those who need them more, while also creating space, thereby simplifying and clearing your energy.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that de-cluttering your life and surroundings has nothing to do with your spiritual life. Living with Certainty is about living from a constant state of heightened awareness and heightened energy vibrations. Clutter is tantamount to static and is dense, low-vibrating, and draining energy that blocks the flow of energy and events in your life.

Let Kristi LeBlanc Help You Bring Your Soul Home™

Kristi is exceptionally intuitive. She can guide and assist you in the creation of high-vibrational living and working environments that can enhance your resonance with Source energy.

You can schedule a personal appointment with Kristi to help advise you how to re-energize your home living and working environments. Learn how Kristi can help you bring your soul home.

Additionally, Kristi’s Blog will quickly and painlessly teach you to surround yourself with high-vibrational energy in every aspect of your life. This is the Living with Certainty Lifestyle. Check back frequently for updates!

Feng Shui: A Transformational Influence

Feng shui takes de-cluttering to the next level and particularly for those whose homes tend to become cluttered, I highly recommend a consultation with a professional feng shui consultant. Their experienced, fresh eyes can point out areas in your home that you have become so accustomed to but should be immediately addressed. While there are many good books on feng shui, they won’t be able to help you feel the energy of certain spaces in your home or help you with recommendations and solutions.

Many people consider feng shui to be a change catalyst as it has the power to align your inner being with your physical surroundings. There are several approaches to feng shui. One emphasizes the way that chi, the life energy, flows through your space. It is believed that the flow of this energy reflects your life circumstances and financial situation. When chi flows uninterrupted, positivity, well-being, happiness, and good fortune naturally result. However, when chi is blocked, static ensues and life does not have a positive flow. We have all had the experience of being in places that feel great in a hard to articulate kind of way, while also being in places that feel bad and unhappy. This reflects the way that energy is flowing through the environment.

Other feng shui practitioners use a compass as they talk about north, south, east or west, as they align the space with compass points, with the belief that energy flows according to certain directions.

Feng shui may be an important part of your Living with Certainty journey as it frees the flow of energy aiding in the transformation of your energy and your life.

Kristi LeBlanc’s 65 Living with Certainty Lifestyle Tips for Creating Authentically Spiritual and Meaningful Energy Environments

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