Deep-Soul Joy | What It Is & How To Know If You Have It

“May all living beings have happiness

            And the cause of happiness;

May all be free from sorrow

            And the cause of sorrow;

May all never be separated

            From the Bliss that is sorrowless;

May all live in equanimity,

            Free from attachment and aversion.

~ The Four Immeasurables Prayer

Deep. Soul. Joy. Think for a moment about those three words. Standing alone, they each in their own right are important words and concepts, but together they are life-changing. Deep-soul joy is experienced when you live in such a way that your purpose and passion are set free; your sense of universal interconnectivity is ignited and your joy rises.

When you live with certainty and deep-soul joy, you live differently than perpetually discontented people. When I sense revelatory moments of deep-soul joy coming, I stop what I am doing and immerse myself in the moment, surrendering to the flow and allowing it to absorb into every cell in my body. Gratitude is my only conscious thought – any other thoughts make the experience disappear as quickly as it appeared.

With the proper approach and intent you can experience deep-soul joy. Whether you live in a hut in Nairobi, a rambler in Minneapolis, a flat in London, a mansion in Beverly Hills, a cottage in Nice, or an apartment in Krakow, you, too, can experience deep-soul joy. I understand how difficult and complex lives can be and how foreign this concept may be if you are a victim of bullying, a disenfranchised LGBT youth, or a woman going through a divorce or suffering from depression. But there can be a light at the end of the tunnel as you learn to Live with Certainty.

Concepts such as joy, happiness, success, and abundance can mean very different things to different people. Joy is a more profound emotional state of contentment and well-being than happiness. Joy is a deep feeling of pleasure or gladness that comes from success, good fortune, or a general sense of well-being. And to take this concept to the next level, deep-soul joy is an even higher, more profound level of joy that is spiritual, energetic, authentic, nourishing, and life-long. This deep sense of well-being and contentment emanates from your soul and serves as an intrinsic aspect of your internal instruction system which is discussed at lenght in Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.

The universe has graced you with everything you need to experience a life of deep-soul joy; it is all inside of you now. Nothing else – besides the actions and work to exercise your passion and purpose - is required. You may, however, need to shed a few things. Releasing attachments to your ego-personality and false personas — actually mentally detaching and surrendering to the real you — is incredibly freeing and powerful. Previously, you may have felt anxious or fearful to expose the real you worried about being ridiculed or not fitting in once your authentic self is discovered. However, surrendering to your inspired soul-view and your purposeful authenticity is required. It may initially cause you to feel anxious if you perceive this as giving up control.

My Deep-Soul Joy

My deep-soul joy is the steady state from which I live my daily life – it has become who I am and how I interact with every aspect of the universe. From this state of joy and contentment, I experience heightened, intense revelatory moments – super-concentrated doses of joy that emerge from the more constant state. These moments periodically happen as I go about my day to day life; suddenly I find myself overcome with joy, wonder and bliss often to the point of tears. Deep, moving and exhilarating, surging Source love and inspiration pulse through my body literally giving me goose bumps.

In some respects, I feel that I have always known deep-soul joy. My earliest memories are of financially humble – albeit delightful — beginnings. I cannot stress enough how well-served I was by the joyful, peaceful early conditioning I received throughout those early years. For the first four and a half years of my life, I had the distinct privilege of living in extremely close proximity to my grandparents and extended family in Southern California in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Without a doubt, my family — and extended family — has known deep-soul joy for generations. Effortlessly and innately, they lived and experienced lives of peace and fulfillment. First-generation immigrants brimming with courage and hope they brought with them the belief and faith that are precisely the stuff from which inspiration and dreams are made. Some people simply call it la dolce vita, the sweet joy of everyday, no-frills life. In those Utopian years in Southern California, I spent some of the sweetest times with my family that I have ever experienced (and I’ve had some pretty sweet times since then). These early role models may not have had much money, but they were compassionate, loving and cheerful people who were very involved in their church community and had many, many dear friends. They were homeowners with beautiful yards and gardens rich with fruit and walnut trees, herbs, vegetables, roses and berries. Their neighbors were like extended family. My beautiful grandmother, Rose, was completely deaf, but had a twinkle in her eye as she emanated peacefulness. Her dream was to be a teacher, but, at that time, sadly, her hearing disability precluded this. She did not, however, let this destroy her natural state of peace and joy. My grandparents lived in a simple yet park-like landscaped setting – I recall a horse who would routinely amble up to the back fence to greet us–and Penny, the family Beagle. The sun always seemed to shine on Yarmouth Street.

My grandparents raised three children on an extremely limited income, and yet their financial status had no bearing on their joy. Every night they had a lovely family dinner. For Christmas, my grandfather’s black socks substituted for the children’s stockings which were filled with only a dime, an orange and a walnut. For Easter, the children shared one single Easter basket.  Across the street lived a well-to-do family that was not at all happy; their festive silk Christmas stockings were filled with all manner of toys and candies. And their Easter table was set with a large Easter basket at each place setting. Yet this family was always embroiled in conflict and unhappiness. Did my family notice that materially they had less than others? Yes. Did it affect their joy and the love they had for one another? No way.

Now, I completely understand that my grandparents were not joyous over not having much money; it was an ongoing struggle. Rather, these lovely people were joyous despite not having much money. They were internally at peace in a fundamental way that their external situation could not shake. They knew deep-soul joy.

Once I began living from my inspired soul-view (a life of deep purposefulness and passion), a foundational state of deep-soul joy slowly emerged and took over, forever altering my perspective. I gained peace in knowing that I am living the life the universe always intended for my soul to experience. I know at my core that I can weather any storm, I am not alone, I am loved and I am secure. Most of all, I know that I am interconnected with the greater universe, connected to Source energy, and no matter what happens, my soul will go on its essential state of grace and deep-soul joy. And this experience will continue to be mine as long as I go on living with purposeful authenticity.

When I am graced with these deep, authentic moments, I become my deep-soul joy and am completely open to the universal energetic flow and where it is guiding me. My outer world stops as I experience this very natural state of alignment. A deep sense of awareness and gratitude for this inspirational and revelatory rush of Source energy puts me in the best possible position to maintain this alignment. I never take these moments for granted for they are a gift, the ultimate experience of an Earthly life and affirm that I am living with certainty.

My responsibility for receiving this “song-in my–heart” gift of deep-soul joy is to share it with others. I once had someone tell me that they “appreciate my sparkle.Funny, when I experience deep-soul joy, I feel open, luminous (I call it sparkly) and connected. There are times that I feel so joyous that I am completely overcome with emotion and gratitude.

So you see, I am beyond deeply satisfied with my life – and I wish the same for you. Yes, I experience my share of challenges, down times, defeats, sorrows, heartaches, problems and obstacles – these experiences are part and parcel of living an Earthly life and they lurk in the background waiting to pounce on all of us in order that we may learn our next needed lesson. I readily expect these things to rear their ugly heads from time to time and am, therefore, not overly emotional or despondent when trouble appears on the horizon; never have I believed that any obstacle could stop me. It is precisely the trying times that have taught, developed and enlightened me in ways that otherwise would have been impossible. They have served as the catalyst for much needed change. Now that I live with certainty, I perceive difficulties very differently than I did before. I believe I encounter fewer negative experiences now simply because I no longer create negativity through non-inspired soul-view-aligned actions; nor do I attract and manifest the things that I do not want through self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Am I still making mistakes today? You bet’cha – every day, but I am constantly learning, growing and trying not to beat myself up too much. Through my own mistakes I have learned much about compassion – and for these experiences, wrenching as they were at the time, I am grateful. As you embrace every encounter as a learning and growth opportunity, you can leave anger and resentment behind. Immediately find the lesson in every difficult situation – and don’t make the same mistake twice. When you view life through this lens, you open to the experience of deep-soul joy. My innate approach to life is to place far more emphasis on the positive than on the negative. Through living with certainty, you will begin more naturally to embrace this approach, too. While living in anxiety-laden, tenuous times, I remain joyous and thankful for my life, convinced that the best days for my family and me are ahead. No matter what happens externally, I will live from this continual state of deep-soul joy.

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