Ego, Ego, Ego | Is Yours Holding You Back?

We all basically know what ego is, and we’ve seen its impact on lives, relationships and the planet. And while most all of us could benefit from lessening its grip on our lives, our egos will always be a part of us. The fact remains, however, that out-of-check egos have ruined people. And even if your ego isn’t demonstratively affecting your life, if your ego is in charge of how you move through and perceive your life, you will constantly experience unnecessary highs and lows based on what your ego-in-charge is observing external to you.

Your ego can actually direct you to act in indifferent ways that are divisive and destructive

Remember, ego is a construct of yours — you’ve created the extent to which your ego is – or isn’t – in charge. How it speaks to you – and controls you – is not necessarily reality-based. Your ego can actually direct you to act in indifferent ways that are divisive and destructive. This becomes apparent in how you treat everyone with whom you come into contact. Your ego can really jerk you around if your sense of self is rooted in your ego. Your ego is completely enraptured with — and protective of itself — with absolutely no desire to melt away for the sake of freeing the Soul as the true (and to be trusted) mediator of your entire being.

Your ego can block the discovery and expression of your most authentic inspiration and creativity. It’s more concerned with protecting you, constructing defenses, preventing you from taking risks, criticizing others, and finding ways for you to receive praise and approval. These are not the traits that will lead you to a life of greatness, fulfillment and joy.

I have had so many people in my life with massive ego issues. I have watched in endless fascination as they pounced on every possible opportunity to arrogantly point out the faults or short-comings of others. Clearly some of these individuals enjoyed – even thrived off of – the feeling of superiority this provided to them. It was their little thrill for the day, the moment of validation they lived for because it allowed them to maintain their ego’s identity. If this describes you, not only do you have some real work to do, but realize that a life of deep-soul joy and purposeful authenticity is passing you by as you remove yourself from any kind of meaningful dialogue with the person whom you’ve set your sites on.

As you begin to live with certainty and embrace your true self as your soul – that inherently balanced state of bliss and pure love – you will get a sense for how much work lies ahead based on how far your current state is from your inspired soul-view-aligned life. It is amazing to so commonly witness how we corrode and cover – largely through the shenanigans of our ego-personality – such a purely blissful core. But this is Earthly life – our greatest challenge then is to remove the years of conditioned corrosion so that in our day to day experiences we can live from our soul-center and experience the deep-soul joy that has always been intended for us.

Imagine the discovery and expansion of your inspired soul-view through your heightened awareness as tantamount to enabling space for a flower bud — your inspired soul-view — to begin to expand and open. Awareness is the clear space that must exist around the delicate petals so that they can open ever-wider in all of their natural, miraculous beauty until they reach full potentiality. Open space is required to prevent the petals from becoming confined, restricted, bruised and crushed. With your ego, you can never let your awareness fail because the insipid ego wants nothing more than to once again encroach upon – and crush – the delicate petals of your inspired soul-view. Ongoing awareness and intention act as a light, delicate mist that allow the petals to stay fresh and hydrated.

Up until now, you may have solely filled your mind and life with thoughts and actions that are ego-personality based, not at all inspired soul-view-based. You are not alone – those individuals who live in alignment with their inspired soul-view and experience deep-soul joy as the foundational state of their existence are few and far between, but it need not be this way. Through living with certainty, you will learn how to navigate yourself – your entire mental, physical and spiritual being. While the ego will fight to maintain the state of status quo it has lived in for so long, this approach to life is the antidote.

Some people innately live with certainty – they are evolved souls naturally in touch with their purposeful authenticity; they naturally resonate energy at a high-frequency and naturally know how to create and attract the life the universe always intended for them to live. Keep in mind that I am not talking about the monetarily successful, blinded-by-ego, bluster-filled people whom we all know – they are not living with certainty. While they can quite skillfully create material abundance, they typically are greatly lacking in terms of their inner existence – they may constantly find themselves in conflicts and hot water and feel hollow inside despite all of their riches.

Master your ego; don’t let it be the Master of the real, authentic you.

I have found it to be surprisingly challenging throughout my journey to train my mind to let go of the things that my ego-personality had conditioned me over my lifetime to think I need to be happy. Let’s say I have been thinking for thirty years that I need a 20,000 square foot mansion to be happy and, subsequently, have been striving – with great frustration – for decades to attain it. Once I discover my inspired soul-view, I must face the fact that this life with the mansion that I’ve been envisioning is really not that which will bring me deep-soul joy and is not in alignment with my soul-view. This realization takes time to process and release. For me, it is an ongoing effort to de-condition myself and begin focusing on soul-view-aligned thoughts and desires that lead to my deep-soul joy. The mansion may come through the expression of my purposeful authenticity, but it won’t be the goal, nor will it be at the expense of my joy.

Through meditation and enhanced awareness, you can begin to lessen your ego’s stranglehold. You can begin to become more of whom you were always meant to be. You can begin to experience more joy and fulfillment in your life. Master your ego; don’t let it be the Master of the real, authentic you.

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