Excerpt | Epilogue from Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” —George Eliot

OUR PLANET IS IN CRISIS, and it needs our spiritual attention in a multitude of ways. Across the globe, we are steadily witnessing the worst of human behavior. This behavior is all too often deeply rooted in an ego-driven self-righteousness that has at its foundation an unmitigated separation of self from our souls, our fellow humans, nature, and the interconnected commonality of Source energy. This separation is destroying our planet, and the proof is in the distressing, man-made issues we presently face—war, famine, suppression, genocide, terrorism, human trafficking, and so on.

While this is a global issue, American culture in particular is rapidly becoming increasingly characterized by faded morals, a lack of graciousness, growing individuality, and selfishness. Many of us are exposed to these behaviors every day through our interactions with others. To make matters worse, we recognize these behaviors in ourselves. But we’ve also reached a point where we’re willing to consider what we can do differently, because we don’t like who we have become and how we feel. What if we could feel better? What if this spiritual energy that we increasingly sense is real and is being left untapped? What if we can seize the moment to be co-creator of something different than we’ve experienced to date? What if we stopped resisting our instincts telling us how powerful we are, and as a result of this enhanced focus and belief were authentically and profoundly able to expand and improve our lives?

Our fast-paced society with its outward focus and misplaced values has produced fleeting, media-induced dreams and desires driven by external stimulus rather than internal certainty. The invasiveness of the media and the ubiquitous access that many of us have to it has in part contributed to the soullessness we experience today. We are constantly bombarded by unnecessary, misleading, and often biased information and images that crowd our minds, leaving no room for the contemplation of what really matters. Sadly, many people no longer even know how to identify for themselves the things that really matter.

Now is the time to become aware of how you’ve been constructing your own blockages and impediments. This discontent emanating from a place deep within you is letting you know that you’re not living true to yourself—your Earthly life is not what it should be; you are not living the life the universe intended for you to live. The fact that you haven’t taken action up until now points to roadblocks.

Maybe you are skeptical that a spiritual realm actually exists. Maybe you are fearful because you do believe in another dimension, but you have no idea what it means, where it is, or how to find it. Maybe you are surrounded by skeptics and are feeling embarrassed about exploring your spirituality for fear of ridicule. Maybe you need to heal and recover from a lifetime of bad mental habits and conditioning. Maybe the rigors of your daily life simply moved you away from your spiritual center, and you now need to return and re-examine your spiritual beliefs and practices.

Let’s face it; our individual thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions have collectively created the mess we’re in. The silver lining is that this upheaval has caused many of us to take the time to consider the workings of the universe, and to go deep within ourselves to find comfort and solace in an inner place of security and tranquility. All the while our instinct is signaling to us that from this place we can change and co-create a new world. Now is the time to utilize and leverage this knowledge about our ability to co-create our lives so that we not only improve our own circumstances, but also positively alter the current crash and burn trajectory of our planet.

Shakespeare’s King Henry V said, “All things are ready if our minds be so.” The time has always been right for as many of us as possible to come together and to connect under a fresh spirituality. In so many ways, the world and our lives are unpredictable and unstable. We worry about ourselves and about the world around us. For many of us, peace of mind has been replaced by anxiety, fear, and desperation; and our mental and physical health is suffering. While we cannot completely circumvent pain, we can control our reaction to it, and how deeply it affects us. We can learn from it, allowing it to make us better, stronger, more compassionate, and more purposeful.

Take control of your spiritual and emotional life. It is the time to live with certainty.

All man-made problems that exist on the planet are our problems, not someone else’s. We own them as much as anyone else. For far too long we have all pointed fingers, blamed others—and worst of all, we’ve looked the other way. Underneath the condemnation, fear, and ignorance, however, we know at our core that significant change can only happen if we begin with ourselves.

Now is the time to live with certainty; there is no other. This is the time for change and transformation, to discover your true self and to purify and heighten your energy. Anything that you deem meaningful or have longed to do but put off because you were “too busy,” pursue now, big or small. This will make you feel productive and create momentum. Now is the perfect time for you to make the decision to begin living intentionally—with purposeful authenticity—and to co-create not only your own life, but also a better world. If we all lived with certainty in alignment with our inspired soul-views, without question, the world would change for the better. Is there a result that you could hope for that has a higher order? If not now, when?

The Living with Certainty Revolution

Living with Certainty has proven itself to me and to others as a rewarding and powerful way to improve lives irrespective of whom or where you are. The purpose of this text is straightforward—to incite and inspire a worldwide Living with Certainty Revolution that empowers people across the globe to experience their purposeful authenticity and deep-soul joy. We will link together one soul at a time, forming a universal Certainty Chain, creating better lives and a better planet link by link.

If the Living with Certainty life plan resonates with you and you commit to it, thereby transforming your life, then you have everything required to make a positive impact on not only yourself, but on someone else. As you experience more vitality and gratitude, you realize that you have the capacity to serve as a brilliant shining light for others, encouraging and inspiring them to transform their own lives. Remember, the essence of all of our dreams is similar, and through your singular efforts you can have a positive effect on a multitude of others. This is how widespread change happens. Anyone who has experienced the transformational gift of deep-soul joy feels strongly that this knowledge should be shared and feels compelled to teach others who have interest. You will find as you meet others who live with certainty that you sense a significant, empowering energetic connection. As we experience interconnectivity at the soul-level we will begin to respond to each other differently.

Living with Certainty is a process—your awareness, your development, and your becoming are part of this process. As challenging as this new approach may initially seem, the challenges are part and parcel of personal growth and development and you will work through them before you know it.

My journey can and will make a difference. It’s time to stop being too embarrassed or inhibited to talk about spirituality and our souls. The only way to transform the world is one soul at a time. The more we speak of our souls, the less foreign the concept will seem. Let’s openly talk about and explore the topics that we should—those things that make the world a better place and help to heal people.

A Final Word

Your success or failure in life does not hinge on one opportunity, or randomly receiving that one big break. You are a brilliant, radiant spiritual being of unlimited love and potential with the hardwired capacity to co-create in every moment the life the universe always intended for you to live. Every day presents you with an opportunity to become and express more of your purposeful authenticity. Believe that the gifts you have can somehow, in some way, uniquely serve the world. It’s never too late.

You needn’t be a yogi, guru, or saint to spread love, peace, and joy, or to play a role in improving life on our planet. With more than six billion people in the world, transforming a fraction of them still amounts to millions of people. My goal is for every person who reads this book to commit to discussing it with others. You then will become a crucial link in the Certainty Chain and in the positive web of energy extending and multiplying from this message.

This is not a trend; rather, this is your new approach to the rest of your life. Make no mistake: If you commit to Living with Certainty, you will discover the best of yourself. Daunting as some of the inner work required may seem, this is the most important work of your life. And it has a tremendous upside. As each of us begin to grow, heal, put the proper pieces into place, reprioritize, and awaken, one by one we will change the ways of the world. Once this happens, there will never, ever be any going back.

When you live with awareness; when you align with your inspired soul-view; when you feel profound gratitude for every aspect of your life; when you experience more love and compassion than you have ever known; when you experience universal interconnectivity with all people and nature; when you live from a baseline of deep-soul joy; and when your entire life has coalesced into a high-vibrational expression of your purposeful authenticity, then you are living with certainty.

Keep inquiring, keep adventuring, and keep pushing the envelope in an effort to understand this mystical, magical universe. Be open to pain, be courageous to progress, be a part of the compassionate energetic revolution for which the world weeps.

“May I be a protector to the vulnerable;
A guide to those traveling;
A bridge to those pining;
For the farther shore.
May the suffering of all completely cease.
May I be the healer and the medicine,
Nursing all the sick of this world,
Until everyone is well.”

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