Human Spiritual Evolution | Living with Certainty

A new consciousness is permeating American culture. In the ‘great melting pot,’ a profound, soul-based spirituality has bubbled to the surface representing the essence of a beautiful medley of merged beliefs. This is contemporary American spirituality uniting ancient customs, rituals and traditions from around the world. As people continue awakening to their powerful inner stirrings, there is an ever-growing mainstream embracing of this blend of spirituality. Astudy released by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 44 percent of Americans have switched religions during their lifetime, either trading one for another or completely leaving organized religion in favor of following their own spiritual path. I believe this is evidence that humans are increasingly seeking truth in more personalized beliefs.

As the human race continues to evolve, people of all races, creeds and colors around the globe are experiencing a global spiritual awakening that includes an expansion of our senses and beliefs along with a heightened awareness of our souls. Many millions of us are becoming more sensitive to our energy fields as we enter this Age of Instinct and Intuition. This is necessarily coupled with a heightened spiritual sensory awareness that something bigger than us is out there – a creative energy plane, the powerful unseen – that directly affects our Earthly experiences as it reacts to the human consciousness.

Are we more susceptible to believing that our senses are evolving and heightening simply because emotionally we need this to be true – we need hope, we need to feel better, and we need to feel like we have some power and control? Yes and no. I believe that we are evolving through awakening, becoming more aware and returning to the simplicity and knowledge our predecessors lived by thousands of years ago. We are also insatiably curious about how and why the universe works as it does and are longing to feel that we have some control over our experience.

It is understandable that we would experience this spiritual awakening in such a fundamentally uncertain era. We are increasingly sensing the spiritual mystery at work in the universe and in our lives and are opening to the centuries-old concepts of vibrational frequencies and universal interconnectivity. It is precisely our collective awareness and embrace of this unseen facet of our existence that illustrates the powerful extent to which everyone and everything is connected – spiritually connected, as in we are one. Our growing energetic sensitivity to this all-knowing, omnipresent energy suggests that there is far more to life than that which we can see, hear, smell, feel or taste. Consequently, there is an increasing hunger, not a mere appetite, but a hunger to understand the energies at work behind our lives and to explore our consciousness – that high-level mental state of being of which we are increasingly aware. We want some reassurance — some hope – that this world which seems to be careening out of control isn’t going to result in a train wreck of our personal lives. We want to seize our own power.

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