Inspiration and Creativity

“In my dream the angel shrugged and said, ‘If we fail this time, it will be a failure of our imagination.’ And then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.” —Brian Andreas

CREATIVITY IS NOT just for children, artists, or advertising executives. It’s for everyone who wants to live an inspired life of purposeful authenticity. Creativity, inspiration, and enthusiasm are divine gifts that we are intended to use to manage, focus, guide, and instruct our own energy and efforts. Our creative abilities allow us to act on our inspiration as we create both intentionally (consciously) and unintentionally (subconsciously). Because you have a soul, you’ve been hardwired to have all of the creativity you’ll ever need to co-create the life the universe always intended for you to live. This creativity and inventiveness is held within your inspired soul-view, and is intended to be applied to and made manifest in your Earthly life.

So many people have said at one time or another, There’s not a creative bone in my body. Relax, because this isn’t true. While some people may have more developed artistic abilities than others, particularly as it relates to business or professional creative applications, we’re all connected to and graced by the inspiration of Source energy. And we all have the ability to express our purposeful authenticity. This is only a matter of following our emotions, inspiration, instincts, and intuition.

Living with Certainty and Creativity

Your creative internal voice is your inspired soul-view speaking to you. As you live with certainty, you will experience inspiration in a way you have never before known. You will become infused with passion and optimism. You will develop a more inquisitive and questioning nature.

The key to manifesting the life the universe always intended for you to live is to remain open to whatever creative expression is revealed to you through your inspired soul-view. Then take action according to the inspiration, imagination, and creativity that flows. There is no ceiling for a soul. There are no grades given for expressing your soul-view. Through the inspiration of your soul-view, you will naturally gain the self-assurance, passion, and motivation required to forge ahead.

Engage Your Imagination

Through your imagination, your inspired soul-view connects with you. If you are not achieving what you want, consider that it may be due to a failure of your imagination. Creativity can rescue you. The ability to use your imagination, to think and see beyond the obvious and predictable, and to envision connections that others may not see—this is creativity. To be truly creative, you have to be open and receptive to your intuition, instinct, emotions, hunches, and randomly appearing events.

We are all capable of using our imaginations; we use them each time we need to initiate action or solve a problem. However, relatively few of us consistently and fully engage our imaginations in the co-creation of our lives. The happiest and most successful people consistently utilize and leverage their creative abilities to realize what they want. Remember, the great discoveries we admire, and the accomplishments of others we stand in awe of, started with a kernel of an idea or a spark of imagination. Thinking big—without boundaries and limits—is the key to developing your creativity.

Give yourself a chance to use your imagination in order to figure out your vision. Follow your internal instruction system regarding which of these ideas holds the greatest potential and most opportunity, and then map your plan. This is the beginning of the process of making things happen.

Ask “Why Not” Rather than “Why?”

Want to be stagnant? Stuck in the mud? Consider it done if you are someone who closes your mind to new ideas. Rather than live a life of limitation, try new things—dream and strive. Greatness comes from not allowing society to inhibit your creativity and authenticity, quell your uniqueness, or dictate constraints. If you think that you’re just an average person, or that there’s nothing special about you, then you don’t know yourself and your gifts well enough. You have not yet discovered your inspired soul-view.

When you’re sleeping, do you dream? Well-adjusted, well-rested individuals have dreams that stick with them, inspire them to action, and can forever change them during their waking hours. Dreams provide great impetus for creativity. Ideas can develop from seeds planted in dreams—things that you may never have considered while awake. Never disregard your dreams as meaningless dribble. When you awaken and recollect a particularly interesting or creative dream, write down the particulars and mull them over.

Create and Invent Out of Nothing

The creative thinking process enables us to conceive new goals, new behaviors, and new action plans. And it is this very creation, toil, labor, and inspiration that lead to the expression of your purposeful authenticity and the experience of deep-soul joy. Your creative expression represents your uniqueness and your personal attitude. When you are inspired, you feel dynamic and self-assured. Inspired people aren’t afraid to experiment and test their ideas or inspiration. If one thing doesn’t work, there are always more approaches or ideas to try.

Creative Blocks

The time to summon your creativity is when you are naturally experiencing joy and enthusiasm. This is when focus, intensity, and genius show up. If you have a nimble nature when it comes to thought and subsequent action, you can change course quickly when inspiration strikes, or when intuition redirects you. You may not have wings, but you can fly in your mind. Give yourself permission and believe in your innate ability to do this. Let your imagination carry you as far as you can possibly dream.

Set aside time specifically for creative thinking and dreaming. Just taking a few minutes a day may be all you need to jump-start creative habits. If you find this difficult, step outside of yourself by imagining how others see you. What could you do that might surprise them? Continually asking questions like this can provide the spark you need.

If you find yourself creatively blocked, you may need to change your environment. Are you surrounded by clutter, noise, or other distractions that may be blocking your energy and creating static? You may benefit from a clean, simple, quiet environment that helps to get your spiritual creative juices flowing. Note, however, that you will fall out of alignment with Source energy and the flow of your spiritual power frequency if you darken your energy and pollute your body through substance abuse in order to summon the courage to achieve new dreams or smother old, broken ones.

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