Live with Certainty? | Isn’t the Universe Fundamentally Uncertain?

Excerpt from Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy by Kristi LeBlanc, pages xvi-xvii

What does it mean to “live with certainty” in a fundamentally uncertain universe? It means that you live daily in a way that expresses your inspired soul-view and purposeful authenticity. It means that your emotions and instinct guide you toward a life of passion, joy, purpose, love, service, and compassion. You are certain when you feel good, purposeful, and fulfilled; when your instinct and intuition speak to you; when a sign or synchronous event appears for you; when your vibrational frequency is heightened or lowered; and above all, when you are experiencing deep-soul joy.

This approach reinforces the internal certainty that you’re making the right decisions and taking the right actions. Your internal instruction system, when fully in tune with Source energy (the ever flowing, all-knowing creative energy of the universe through which we are all interconnected and from which all Earthly physicality emanates) and your inspired soul-view, enables brilliant boldness and authenticity over your actions. One of life’s most important tasks is to uncover what’s right for you at your individual emotional and soul level. The energy of certainty feels good and right. We only feel truly good, joyous, fulfilled, and peaceful when we act in fundamentally loving, compassionate, and inspired soul-view-aligned ways. These are high-vibrational frequency states. This is precisely how we live with certainty.


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