Kristi’s Power Enabler | Soul-View-Aligned Action

“Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts.
That is the secret to success.”
—Swami Sivananda

You have to be present and fully participate in your life. This means rolling up your sleeves and doing the required work in order to move forward. While the universe works on your behalf, you— as co-creator—must also do your share. We’ve all heard the phrase “Carpe diem—Seize the Day.” We can do this most effectively by taking inspired soul-view–aligned action. In this way, lasting change becomes possible. Your intention to undertake the journey toward an authentic spiritual life is an essential and powerful beginning. But you must also have a plan or strategy in place.

What is the difference between action and inspired soul-view–aligned action? Mere action can include the monotonous activities of your day-to-day duties and tasks, which in no way move your spiritual life forward. Most of us live some aspects of our lives logically identifying our goals, and knowing what we must do next. This is the linear, predictable route to accomplishment that includes focusing on fulfilling tasks, and being conscientious and disciplined. However, inspired soul-view–aligned action is less obvious. It drives and supplements your linear, logical actions by causing you to feel instinctually compelled to do things that may not seem logical at all. Your inspired soul-view–aligned action will be revealed to you through your internal instruction system. Source energy is guiding you as you act with purpose and authenticity.

Inspired soul-view–aligned action is the jet fuel that makes Living with Certainty such a mystical, interesting, and joyous journey. This is what co-creation is all about. Contemplative choice that takes into account your driving desires and purpose is an essential aspect of inspired soul-view–aligned action. This requires knowing who you are outside of your ego-personality and allowing your essence to propel your actions. How does your gut feel? What are your emotions telling you? While taking this action may at times require a leap of faith, ultimately it is the most trustworthy action. It feels good and right at your core, and is accompanied by a strong sense of accomplishment, progress, and belief that you are moving in the right direction. It engages you with a sense of certainty that you are moving in alignment with your purpose and potentiality.



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