Life When It Feels Right: Easier, Natural and Flowing

Everything in our universe is composed of energy—from our thoughts, feelings, and words, to the chair in which you’re sitting. Until we learn to understand, purify, and heighten our own personal energy vibrations, we will continue to experience disharmony, anxiety, fear, insecurity, and internal uncertainty in our lives. This is far from being a new concept. For centuries, the ancient Chinese concept of Qi (chi) has recognized that every aspect of the universe is comprised of an allpowerful intelligent energy force. Reiki, the centuries-old Japanese technique for healing, relaxation, and stress reduction, maintains that “life force energy” flows through us, keeping us alive. The Chakra system, a concept documented for the first time in the Hindu scriptures known as the Upanishads (1200–900 b.c.), refers to seven major force centers, or chakras, in the human body which serve as focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.

Living with Certainty takes this ancient knowledge and helps you to understand and naturally heighten your energy vibrations, teaching you to think, believe, and act in ways that encourage and improve your life. By learning to create balance and harmony between your mind, body, and spirit, you naturally become skilled at sending energy out to the universe at a high-vibrating frequency. Life becomes easier, unforced, natural, and flowing when you live with certainty.

When you live without certainty, it’s difficult to experience the flow of your spiritual power frequency, because you don’t vibrate energy at the optimal frequency level required for alignment with the flow of Source energy. While you may be able to find financial or material success, it’s unlikely that you will experience the fulfillment and deep-soul joy that comes from living a life in expression of your purposeful authenticity.

Living with Certainty allows you to recognize and act upon the affirming and guiding signs, signals, symbols, and synchronous events that emanate from Source energy, helping you to remain powerfully in the flow of your spiritual power frequency. These signs and synchronicities affirm your path and allow you to co-create and shape your life in alignment with your inspired soul-view.