Living with Certainty and STYLEDLIFE: Joining Forces for Book Signing

I am privileged and excited to announce an exclusive book signing on October 20 and 21 to launch my new book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy at my dear friend, Kevin Quinn’s STYLEDLIFE at the Galleria in Edina, MN. What is the connection, you may ask, between Living with Certainty and STYLEDLIFE?

“Lack of confidence is a serious issue…Fashion can be a powerful transformation.”

STYLEDLIFE is welcoming Living with Certainty into the store not only because Kevin and Kristi have been dear friends for many years, but because there is tremendous synergy between Kevin’s view-point that “lack of confidence is a serious issue…fashion can be a powerful transformation” and Kristi’s viewpoint that “Living with Certainty is a journey of self-discovery to bring forth how your authentic personal expression should look and feel and further define for you and others who you are and what you are about. Once you discover your authentic style, you radiate your essence and find new confidence.”

Together Living with Certainty and STYLEDLIFE can help you to further infuse your inimitable authenticity and style into your daily life. How you choose to express your authentic self/spirit dictates your personal style. While naturally evolving over time, like every aspect of Spirit-You, your essence is eternally timeless…when the inner and outer you are in alignment, you are further empowered to allow the Spirit-You to shine.

Living with Certainty Provides the Spiritual Blue-Print for Living with Joy, Fulfillment, and Purposeful Authenticity

As an award-winning recruiter and long-time Edina, MN resident who spent nine years with the Minneapolis office of Korn/Ferry International, Kristi LeBlanc has interviewed thousands of the world’s most successful executives. A common characteristic shared by the most joyous, fulfilled individuals was their ability to live authentic, purposeful lives from a pure, high vibrational frequency. Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy provides the expert spiritual blue-print for living with the deepest joy, fulfillment, and personal success. In this time of economic recession, sky-high unemployment, and painful transition for so many people, Kristi’s Living with Certainty philosophy is providing hope and a ground-breaking practical pathway to redefining your life and seizing control of your destiny.

Exclusive Book Signing at Galleria’s STYLEDLIFE Will Inspire You to Discover and Allow Your Authenticity to Shine

Join us at the Galleria in Edina, MN, to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of STYLEDLIFE, along with the launch of the highly-praised Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy!

October 20 – 11am – 4pm
October 21 – 1pm – 6pm

The Galleria
Edina, MN

See you there! xo

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