Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy Book Launch

Today is a big day for me — Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy is officially released! As you might imagine, this day represents a significant milestone in my life. It represents the culmination and intersection of most every significant aspect of my life, including having thousands of conversations and interviews with executives, reading hundreds of books ranging from leadership to spirituality, and following a deep calling, overwhelming passion, and instinct. Most of all, though, this book is the tangible result of my own personal journey of “living with certainty.” Every aspect of this book represents how I try to live my life on a daily basis.

Is it hard to live this way — with certainty? Not at all — this is how we were meant to live. Does it take effort and discipline? Yes!  I face the same Earthly and ego challenges as everyone else, but I consistently follow my passion, listen to my internal instruction system, and, above all, I live with purposeful authenticity. My life truly is one of deep-soul joy, love, and abundance. I was meant to write this book; I was meant to communicate this message to the world. Of that, I am certain.

Don’t get me wrong; this was not an easy undertaking. I have three small children and am unwaveringly committed to spending considerable quality time with them every single day. I work and “work out” five days a week and also make time daily to spend with my husband, my best friend. Despite the madness, this book had to be written. Early mornings, late nights, every weekend — whenever there was an opening, I seized upon it and wrote as efficiently as possible. Besides having 100% unwavering commitment to seeing this project through to completion, I also had amazing family support.

This is the beginning of a new life for me. My deepest hope is that Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy makes a positive difference in your life, thereby making a difference in the world. The world needs more people who stand for something good. What can you do support this lofty undertaking, you may ask:

-          Buy the book for yourself

-          Give the book as a gift

-          Encourage your book club to read it

-          Invite me to speak at your next event

-          Recommend the book to your friends – email all your friends about it

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What have you been longing to do, but keep putting off? If you feel a burning desire to do something, wait no longer. Be bold, be passionate, and be productive. Move yourself forward – even in small ways – every single day and you can and will accomplish big things. Don’t let naysayers, overbearing co-workers, family members, nasty neighbors, or anyone else get you down, get in your way, or take you off-track. This is your one chance to make your mark, to carve out your legacy. Grab ahold every day and make it happen. You can make a difference in people’s lives while exponentially increasing your own peace, fulfillment, and deep-soul joy. Go forward and live with certainty! xo