Meditation | A Key to Transforming Your Life

I know that meditation is the essential practice that allows me to view my life as an objective observer as it slows me down, heightens my awareness, enables greater compassion and allows me to be more contemplative. During short periods when I have stopped meditating, I noticed that I quickly lost my baseline and became more prone to emotional responses, anger, stress and knee-jerk reactions.

I look forward all day to my meditation practice which is the foundation of all of my spiritual efforts and the primary means by which I remain in alignment with Source energy and live from my inspired soul-view. My practice typically takes place at the same time and place every day and is the time when I can finally exhale, surrender and just be. The benefits for me have been extraordinary. Almost immediately I noticed that I was experiencing much less anxiety; lifelong patterns and conditioning that were limiting me were weakened. This is partly due to the extraordinary physical benefits of meditation as well as the fact that this time of communion with my inspired soul-view led me to transition out of a particularly stressful circumstance which allowed me to transform my entire life.

Fortunately, the practice came very easy for me; however, I have many friends who struggle with it as they are simply unable to still and quiet themselves. If you find this to be the case, I strongly suggest that you search for a qualified meditation instructor.

Meditation has taken me to the place of essence so deep within myself that when my session ends, I have several minutes in which I feel like a completely different person than the often frazzled, working mom I was just 40 minutes prior. As I leave the deep, still, peacefulness of meditation, I find the transition to be fascinating as it gives me an idea of what an out of body experience might feel like. I think of it as if I had been temporarily frozen; as I thaw out, the ego’s personality and thoughts return. I have also had the opposite experience in which my body pulsed with vital energy during my session creating a keenly dynamic experience. There have also been times when I have intentionally pulled myself out of meditation because I became fearful of the intensity.

During my sessions, my sense of self becomes one of interconnectivity and compassion as I grasp the vastness of the universe and experience my soul in glimpses and glimmers. I know now that much of the restlessness I have previously experienced in my life was my soul longing to be nurtured, express itself and experience a deeper, sustained connection with my physical, Earthly life. My spiritual journey has been a step by step process. Once I began to pray, the door was cracked opened; once I began to meditate, the door swung wide open allowing me to further know and experience prolonged periods of connection, compassion, enlightenment, peace and joy. Once I focused on these things and made them a priority, the transformation in my life was remarkable. Meditation has empowered me to focus and feel in my life in a way that I could not have previously – it has allowed me to live with certainty.

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