More Synchronicity in My Life

If you’ve read Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy or have heard me speak, you know how strongly I feel that we all need to live with heightened awareness if we are to truly understand, receive and leverage the grace — and riches — that flow in and out of our lives every day through signs, signals, symbols, and synchronicities. Without awareness, we miss this important guidance that surely can help us to co-create our very best lives.

While some dismiss synchronicity as coincidence, I see it as grace. And when a synchronous event happens to me on what may on the surface appear to be a mundane — even ‘not great’ — day, I am reminded that every day that we receive the opportunity to be alive is a great day– a gift — indeed.

Today, I was out and about running errands with my husband. I had in my mind that I had only a specific amount of time to accomplish a half-dozen things, one of which was to stop at an optical store to see if by chance a pair of prescription sunglasses that should have arrived a week ago were available for pickup. The store never called me to explain the delay or to say that were in, but I just decided that I would stop by since I was in the neighborhood, and I was feeling like they were there. I was planning to be at the store when they opened at 10am to avoid any wait, but my husband took me on an unexpected detour to look at a house for sale in our neighborhood which took me off my intended schedule.

When I finally arrived at the optical store, the only person in the store was the technician who was busy working on adjusting a pair of frames. I told him my sunglasses were overdue. He checked and could not find them, and was about to send me on my way, when I noticed that the glasses he’d been working on when I walked in looked like the pair I had ordered. Laying on the counter in front of me, was my open file, receipt, and glasses…adjusted, cleaned, ready and waiting to be picked up.

Now while this may not on the surface seem like a particularly earth shaking event, this is a very busy optical store that is always quite fastidious about calling to let you know when your glasses are in, but they had not called and the glasses should have been in a week ago. I had intended to be at the store about 45 minutes earlier when the technician would not have had my glasses in front of him.

The universe obviously can’t speak to us verbally, but subtly it sends us messages all the time if we are aware enough to receive them. I believe that anytime we receive universal affirmation and guidance is, in fact, an earth shaking event. Through today’s synchronous event, I was affirmed that I am aligned with the flow of my spiritual power frequency — that everthing that is happening in my life right now is as it should be…and I am loved. That’s pretty special. Stay aware.