Endorsements and Customer Reviews of Living with Certainty

* 2011 International Book Awards Names Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy Winner – Spirituality – General!

* USA Book News Names Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy as Winner – Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010!

* North American Bookdealers Exchange “Pinnacle Book Achievement Award” Names
Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy 
Best Self-Help Book 2011!

“In Living with Certainty, author Kristi LeBlanc provides readers with what I see as a “Lifetime Workshop.” Filled with insight and practical instruction, Living with Certainty can make you think and help you commit to life-enhancing changes, while lending a helping hand along the way. The author’s 65 Energy Enablers, alone, are worth the price of the book.”

SUE PATTON THOELE, author of The Courage To Be Yourself and The Mindful Woman, among others

“When you are ready (and I mean really ready) to finally stop playing all those ultimately useless surface, societal games and to start listening to and living from your heart with purpose and authenticity in this one precious life that you have, then Kristi LeBlanc’s Living with Certainty just might open the portal that sets you free!”

PATRICE KARST, Author of Back to the Garden, God Made Easy, The Invisible String, The Smile that Went Around the World, The Single Mother’s Survival Guide

“Modern life provides a noise that increasingly seems omnipresent. Our daily existence, our true purpose, our opportunity to reduce our noise and live with certainty has never been greater, more necessary. Join Kristi LeBlanc as she changes the current trajectory of our planet and identifies for us in her revolutionary new book, Living with Certainty, how we can define our Earthly purpose and set ourselves free in the pursuit of Deep-Soul Joy. I am convinced that this book is capable of developing a new language for self-acceptance and a remarkable road map for reconnecting with our world, our communities, our network and most importantly, ourselves. Thank you, Kristi, for the courage to share your gifts with the world. You WILL be rewarded.”


“Living with Certainty: Experience Deep Soul Joy” is a keeper! I’ve read thousands of books and this one gem takes all the best of the best and covers the most important tenets to live your most authentic life purpose. If we are ever going to move to the next level of our growth in all areas, these are the pearls of wisdom that will remind us all what magnificent beings we truly are. Bravo Kristi for bringing it all together in this beautifully-written guide. You cover it all!”

JOANNE KOENIG-MACKO, Life coach, Global Visionary artist, Director of International Angels for World Peace. www.angelic-art.com

“A wonderful yet simple book to help us find the certainty to achieve our dreams. Read Living with Certainty, honor your soul, and discover the strength within you to stay true to your path.”

SETH DAVID CHERNOFF, award-winning author, Manual for Living: Reality, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life

Additional Reviews

The Mindquest Review of Books, Lightword Publishing:
“Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy is a powerful, in-depth, and clear guide for aligning with prana — co-creating a rewarding reality, in harmony with universal energy, while realizing self-authenticity, deep-soul purpose, and joy. The author provides 65 “Energy Enablers” for prana alignment. Kristi has a background in speaking, motivational advising, assessing, and recruiting executives. NOTEWORTHY: The 65 “Energy Enablers” provide a unique blueprint for harmonizing with the spiritual power inherent within each individual. The alignment illuminates each individual’s “inspired soul-view,” enabling anyone to experience joy while taking control and enhancing their conjugal union with universal energy. The book provides a total exoteric initiation for life success.”


Science of Mind: A Guide for Spiritual Living:
“The subtitle of Living with Certainty is Experience Deep-Soul Joy—and it is very clear that Kristi LeBlanc’s
intention is for her readers to do just that. LeBlanc, Founder and CEO of Living with Certainty, LLCTM, is an award-winning executive recruiter and has worked with high-powered, principled executives around the world. One commonality they share is the desire for far more than a paycheck. LeBlanc created the Living with Certainty philosophy to address that overwhelming, universal desire to serve, make a positive impact, and live from authenticity on purpose. With dedicated attention to detail as well as an inspirational perspective of the big picture, LeBlanc outlines the keys of authenticity, spirituality, and discovery. First is the interconnectedness of all life, being one with Source. Then you can discover your “inspired soul-view” and “purposeful authenticity.” Learn to vibrate at a higher resonance and frequency by practicing the sixty-five Energy Enablers. Discern the “Signs, Signals, Symbols, and Synchronicities” in your life. Also, “Remove Static,” which, by LeBlanc’s definition, is, “the dense, negative, self-limiting white noise and distortion within your being that lowers your personal vibrational frequency.” Find out what Deep-Soul Joy requires, waylay the “purpose preventers” in your life, and determine what could be holding you back from taking your place in the world. Most important, as the title of Part II states, you are set on the path of ‘Discovering the Life the Universe Always Intended for You to Live.’ ”


From Amazon.com: This review is from: Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy (Paperback)
5.0 out of 5 stars ★★★★★
By Midwest Book Reviews

Living in fear of what’s coming next is no way to live at all. “Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy” is a guide to connecting with the world around yourself more completely and serenely. A spiritual guide designed to help one find their energy, think positive thoughts and listen to one’s inner feelings, “Living with Certainty” is a unique and driven spirituality guide to those who want to drive that awkward feeling out of their souls.


From Amazon.com: This review is from: Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy (Paperback)
5.0 out of 5 stars ★★★★★
By Tami Brady, “Whole Health Therapist” (Calgary, Canada)

Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

We live in a society that values money and success. He who has the most toys wins. But when do we call the winner, I wonder. It seems more like we push and strive, but never really “get there”, wherever there is.

Living with Certainty presents an entirely different way of thinking and living. It starts with the notion that we are all worthy of love and happiness. Not in twenty years or after we earn X number of dollars, but here and now.

Yes, perhaps the concept of living with passion, having integrity, connecting with those around us, and giving back to the world isn’t all that new, but it is certainly something that we as a society seem to have forgotten somewhere along the way. Truthfully, it isn’t all that easy.

Living with Certainty includes a variety of ideas to help realign yourself: little things you can do, things to think about, and more than a few entries that will bring about those important aha moments. This is one of those books that you will read through and use to make a few changes. Later, you’ll return to the pages and find an entirely new layer of meaning and new things to learn about yourself.


From Amazon.com: This review is from: Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy (Paperback)
4.0 out of 5 stars ★★★★ A Guide for Greater Spirituality in Your Life
By John Chancellor, Mentor Coach, www.TeachtheSoul.com (New Orleans)

Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Membership in organized religions is continuing to decline in America. The underlying reason is the organized religions are not fulfilling the needs of the people. Fortunately it appears that our passion for material goods is starting to wane. With the realization that there is more to life than material possessions and the inability of organized religions to serve the spiritual needs of most people, we are starting to look inward. We are gradually starting to realize that fulfillment comes from within.

Living With Certainty is a very timely book that should help those people who have been searching for some practical advice on living a more fulfilling life. The goal of the book is to help the reader experience Deep-Soul Joy, to live the life we were intended to live.

Kristi LeBlanc has written an easy to read book that gives a very detailed path on how to find your authentic self, how to discover your true purpose in life and how to live that life to experience fulfillment.

As Kristi points out, the path is neither quick nor easy. We have all been conditioned by years of well-intentioned but misguided parents, friends, teachers and institutions. Overcoming all of these ingrained beliefs takes time and work.

Our biggest hurdle to Living with Certainty is our own ego. “Most of the evil in the world emanates from allowing inflated states of ego, and the accompanying perception that we are not connected to our fellow humans, to have control.”

The book is divided into four parts: Part one discusses the Living with Certainty Philosophy. Part two helps the reader discover their authentic life – the Live the Universe Always Intended for you. Part three contains the Energy Enablers – 65 different topics to enable you to increase your energy. Part four goes into the things might hold you back.

In my opinion, part four – the things that might hold you back is the strongest section of the book. There is also an Epilogue. You might find it more helpful if you read the Epilogue first and had a better picture of what you were going to learn and why you should learn it.

This book is written for those seeking the answers to life, what life is all about and seeking a deeper and more fulfilling spiritual life. The value of this book will depend to some extent on where you are in your spiritual journey. If you are well along on your spiritual journey, you might not find as much value as those just starting out. But there are still many gems of wisdom scattered throughout the book.

Each chapter begins with an appropriate quotation. The collection of quotations is very good.

If you are seeking a guide to a more spiritual life, this book will give you lots of information, guidance and inspiration.


From Amazon.com: This review is from: Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy (Paperback)
5.0 out of 5 stars ★★★★★
By Sheila O’Connor

I have read many self-help books and this one for me rates as one of the highest. The author shows us why material possessions and allowing ourselves to be run by our egos does not work in our efforts to find fulfillment in this lifetime. She shows us a better way. This is a book for those seeking spiritual answers. It’s a book that the reader will devour and want to read more than once. I am already on my second reading of it and would highly recommend.