The End of American Optimism? Not a Chance!

Recently I was reading a piece by Mort Zuckerman in the Wall Street Journal Opinion section
He stated that “Our brief national encounter with optimism is now well and truly over.” What an awful sentiment. While he is referring to the feeble economic recovery, I still take umbrage with this notion. Never, ever in our lifetimes should we lose our hope, faith, and optimism. To do so is to lose our way, to lose the very certainty and joy that we are capable of experiencing – irrespective of economic conditions, the party in power, or whichever way the wind is blowing.

It’s not the End of Old America, It’s the Beginning of New America

Clearly 14.5 million people out of work is a staggering, troubling, and heart-wrenching number. But viewed through a lens of optimism, this number also represents 14.5 million people who can and should remain resiliently hopeful and optimistic about their place in this world if they are to seize this opportunity to take the reins of their life and create something purposefully authentic that provides more control over their destinies. With the right support, approach and belief, 14.5 million people can delve deep within to create anew in a way that improves not only their lives, but fundamentally changes the arc of our country’s destiny.  14.5 million people collectively and creatively expressing themselves in a way that not only pays the bills, but brings them deep-soul joy would be a powerful harbinger to a joyous, more peaceful world.

Time to Re-Assess

It is precisely when our external circumstances have gone to hell in a hand-basket that we can and must Live with Certainty. We can make a choice either to be jerked around and coerced into thinking and acting from a place of desperation, or we can continue in the midst of the storm to live from our purest essence always making choices that align with our highest good, our deepest desire to serve, our most profound joy, and our steadfast optimism and belief in a better, brighter today and tomorrow.

Your Brightest Future Comes from Within Yourself

Your brightest days need not depend upon someone else, nor do they depend upon media pundits’ declarations that either the sky is falling or that happy days are here again. You owe it to yourself to live with inner certainty, inspiration, and optimism everyday.

Here, now, today, the choice is yours to Live with Certainty, to identify, believe, and execute toward your dreams, and to never lose sight of the optimism and greatness that you were placed on this planet to achieve. This is not the time for paralysis, depression, or hopelessness. This is precisely the time for optimism.

If you have lost sight of your place in the world or can no longer find it within to live with optimism and hope, read Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy and then call or email me. Despite what the pundits say, the universe still awaits your magnificent individual contribution.

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