The Lemming Theory

Lemmings are small rodents usually found in or near the Arctic. They have been associated with odd behaviors which over the years has become a myth about their propensity to commit mass suicide which is an often-used metaphor alluding to people who go along unquestioningly with widely-held opinion even when faced with possible hazardous or fatal results. Unfortunately, the reality is that throughout your life, at some point, you likely have foregone following your own path of inspiration and succumbed to pressure applied by others to follow their lead. Or, you didn’t really know what the right path for you was, so you blindly followed the pack. We spend so much time wanting to fit in and fade away, but this is just plain wrong-thinking. There should never be any focus on fitting in or how you should live relative to others. Just focus on being yourself, listening to your internal instruction system and forget how that stacks up to others. Be proud of your authenticity. Never imitate, copy or pretend to be someone or something you are not. This wastes time and energy, and removes you from the flow of your spiritual power frequency. Once you make the break from living to please others and conform to their wishes to living in alignment with your purposeful authenticity, it will make perfect sense to you and you will never allow yourself to kowtow or hide again.

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