The Living with Certainty Book Club

Living with Certainty™ Book Clubs are forming in communities all over the country. The Living with Certainty Revolution is about experiencing Deep-Soul Joy by sharing the ground-breaking and transformational process created by Kristi LeBlanc.

You can now host your own Living with Certainty Book Club which includes the following:

  • Weekly group discussions led by Kristi LeBlanc. Kristi will join your group via teleconference once a week during the four-week session.
  • Private Sessions. You only share this transformational opportunity with those you invite.
  • A casual and lively group discussion exploring how you can experience Deep-Soul Joy.
  • Author insights about the four parts of Living with Certainty.

You can have Kristi LeBlanc “come into your living room” to enlighten you and your friends for only $400* for the entire four-week session. Share this extraordinary opportunity with your friends and family while you all learn how to experience Deep-Soul Joy. Schedule your Living with Certainty Book Club Now!

*Credit card payments, only.