The Transformative Power of Stillness, Silence and Meditation

meditate lakeI remember so clearly that when I was a kid right through my very early twenties, I became bored so easily, and silence was impossible. Silence just made me feel like I had absolutely nothing going on. It wasn’t until December 1988 that I became aware of my spiritual life. Through stillness and meditation, affirmed by signs and synchronous events, we experience our inspired soul-view.

I live just a few minutes drive from a beautiful, roaring Colorado river. My husband and I often go lounge on the large rocks along the side of the river, watch the rolling rapids and gaze up at the Rockies and the cloudless Colorado blue sky. After much practice with meditation, I immediately can go to my still place –not an extraneous thought in my mind, only enjoying the magnificence of the mountains. For me, these are the moments I want my life to be made of. A marching band could play by and I would still remain in a state of bliss and tranquility when I am communing with nature in such a connected way.

Silence enables you to be able to hear your inner voice. Being still teaches you that there is something in everything. Just because you are completely still and silent does not mean you are nothing. Where there appears to be nothing but air, there is energy.

Meditation and silence has the power to change who you are. For example, it can cause you to feel relieved and grateful that you did not give into your anger habit which could have been embarrassing, given that — now removed from the situation and its emotion – you feel much more objective; you really are not so angry afterall. Any loose ends should be meditated on. While in silence, breathe. Silence changes patterns, habits, and lifelong conditioning.

The next time someone or something happens that previously would’ve completely dampened your energy and made you feel terrible, take a moment to pause. Remember that you always will be tested. Now take a moment to choose your response thoughtfully rather than immediately becoming angry or frustrated. This is your chance to choose a new response. Once you have experienced high-vibrating energy, you want this feeling to continue. It provides you with the incentive and will to choose a new response so that you maintain it.

Consider learning about meditation. It will help you find your peaceful inner self and your joy. If you don’t practice meditation, try setting aside an hour a day to spend in a completely calm and peaceful environment. Spend this time either meditating, praying, or thinking about your dreams. This time will not be simply idle time, but it will change your life.

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